Fortnite Adds Dance Emote to Honor Orange Shirt Kid

fortnite dance orange shirt

When Epic Games announced the winner of its Boogiedown contest for Fortnite, most members of the community cried foul of the choice. The dance chosen was plenty creative, but the hype surrounding a completely different dance had most figuring that Orange Shirt kid was going to take the prize and the emote. Thankfully, Epic Games has made amends by introducing Orange Justice, a new emote that features Orange Shirt Kid’s signature dance.

For those that weren’t following too closely, Orange Shirt kid became a popular meme in the Fortnite Reddit community with a dance that was both enthusiastic and concise. The fact that we can even write Orange Shirt kid and people know what we are talking about is all you need to know about his popularity. Unfortunately, Epic Games deemed his dance unworthy of the Boogiedown title.

But as players began digging through the Season 4 Battle Pass offerings for Fortnite, they discovered a dance called Orange Justice that was a decent reproduction of Orange Shirt kid’s moves. More importantly, the dance emote is included with the Battle Pass, meaning players won’t have to pay an exorbitant V-Bucks price tag to unlock it.

Despite frustrations with Epic Games over some recent weapon changes, if there is one thing the developer does better than most it’s listen. The developers have their pulse on their community and they know what decisions can generate excitement and keep the players coming back regularly. Another developer would have made their contest selection and let that be it, but Epic chose to give Orange Shirt kid his chance to shine. In fact, some would argue that the Orange Justice emote is even more special because it’s in the game right now.

Orange Justice is only a small piece of the new Season 4 content for Fortnite, which has seen its next big map revamp. As expected, the meteors hovering above the game world have finally come crashing down and in the process added new areas while dramatically changing others.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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