Fortnite: Where to Find No Dancing Signs

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Hectic battle royale gameplay may be what Fortnite sells itself on, but it certainly helps that Epic Games has been adding plenty of things to do on the side while running around its large map building, looting, and shooting. Today sees the start of Season 10’s next weekly challenges, which revolve around the Fortnite-appropriate theme “Boogie Down.”

One of these revolves around the “no dancing” signs that are scattered about the map. Epic often challenges players to find secret items hidden in Fortnite’s map, and this is just the latest example. The objective is for players to track down the signs and destroy three of them in a single match. While that could be a tall task for players unfamiliar with all of the nooks and crannies of the map, players have been hard at work pointing out the locations of the signs all day.

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So far at least twelve such locations are known. They are:

1) Beside the giant metal llama northwest of Junk Junction.

2) Atop the hill between Pleasant Park and The Block.

3) On a walkway on the north side of Pressure Plant.

4) In the parking lot of the NOMS store in Retail Row.

5) Atop the tall hill just southeast of Paradise Palms.

6) On a ledge on the pillar-shaped mountain north of Salty Springs.

7) Next to a rowboat on the floating island west of Fatal Fields.

8) The north side of Polar Peak overlooking the frozen lake.

9) Next to some crates on the southeast side of Frosty Flights.

10) The campsite further down the southeast side of Frosty Flights.

11) At the southwestern-most tip of the map in the snowy region.

12) Beside a bench and a vending machine in the east side of Happy Hamlet.

It’s worth noting that knowing where the signs are won’t necessarily be enough to ace the challenge. Players have to be quick too, because once a sign is destroyed, it’s gone for the rest of the match. Throw in 99 other players potentially trying to find the signs as well, and it’s going to be a fight to get to them first.

This shouldn’t be impossible, though. To reiterate, players only need to destroy three “no dancing” signs to complete the challenge. Not to mention, several of them are located in the snowy region of the map’s southwestern corner, all located within a short distance of each other. With luck, players can land there, easily clear this Boogie Down challenge, and then move on to some to hunting down some of Fortnite's other secrets, like the Borderlands-themed Vault Symbols.

Fortnite is available for free on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and mobile devices.

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