Fortnite Appears in Switch Store Update


As many gamers are well aware at this point, Fortnite is a huge success in a variety of different ways, but Epic Games' multiplayer sandbox survival shooter has only been able to be enjoyed by fans on iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One so far. That all might be changing, though, as the title could be coming to the Nintendo Switch soon should its appearance in an online store update for the platform be indicative of its addition to the hybrid mobile console.

As seen in the two tweets below from the Twitter user simply known as "SciresM", a recent Nintendo Switch eShop update specifically listed Fortnite by name, indicating its inclusion in the system's library of titles may be imminent. What's more is that the update even went so far as to include an icon for the wildly popular free-to-play battle royale game, which suggests the platform's online store is getting ready for the Epic Games title's addition to the eShop.

Without a doubt, Fortnite coming to Nintendo Switch has been something fans have been clamoring about for quite a while, with speculation about its addition to the Big N's latest console having been discussed a lot lately due to an official rating of the game recently appearing on the Korean Game Rating Board's website. This rating compounded with the above update to the Switch's eShop is certainly building a solid pile of evidence that the battle royale title's set to be announced for the Big N platform soon.

Considering the fact that E3 2018 is just around the corner, there's a possibility that Nintendo could be saving the reveal of Fortnite for next week during its showcase at this year's big industry event. Should that be the case, then such vocal proponents of its port to the system like Chance the Rapper will finally be able to rest easy with the knowledge he and others will be able play the title on their preferred platform. So, we will simply have to see what the Big N has to say about Fortnite being released for Switch in the coming days.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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