Fortnite Streamer Ninja Gets Kill With Port-a-Fort


Fortnite streamer Ninja is one of the most successful Twitch streamers for a reason. According to Ninja himself, that reason is because his streams combine entertainment with genuine skill at the game, whereas most other streamers are only able to deliver one or the other. Ninja's ability to blend entertainment with game skill was on display in a recent stream of his, where he was able to get a kill in Fortnite with the new Port-a-Fort item.

In the stream, Ninja battles it out with an enemy, and then throws a Port-a-Fort at their feet, which ends up eliminating them from the match. From the footage shown, it's not entirely clear why this happens. Scrolling through the Twitter replies, one user claims that the Port-a-Fort releases an electrical field when it's used that deals 150 damage. Another player theorizes that the person Ninja was fighting attempted to fire a rocket at him as soon as the Port-a-Fort was forming, killing himself in the process (this is Ninja's theory as well).

Check out Ninja's ridiculous Port-a-Fort kill in Fortnite right here:

Being able to deliver creative and entertaining gameplay moments is part of the reason why Ninja is so popular on Twitch, and how he is able to rake in $500,000 a month from playing Fortnite. Ninja may even be able to increase that dollar amount soon, as his popularity seems to be growing.

Not only is Ninja increasing his popularity by his own merits, but also through celebrity crossovers. In fact, one stream Ninja hosted where he played with popular recording artist Drake shattered concurrent viewer records for a solo streamer on Twitch, pulling in over 650,000 viewers at its peak.

Moving forward, Ninja has the opportunity to cement himself as the most successful Twitch streamer in history. As long as he is able to avoid any future controversies and keeps delivering high quality content, there's no reason why his popularity won't continue to grow.

Fortnite is available now in early access on iOS, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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