Fortnite: Melee-Focused Ninja Class Detailed

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After completing their work on Gears of War 3 and helping People Can Fly develop Gears of War: Judgment, Epic Games decided to change directions and work on a different kind of game, leaving the franchise behind (Microsoft bought the franchise and tasked Black Tusk Studios to continue it). The new project, Fortnitefeatures a balance between third-person shooting and free-form base construction that promises to appeal to all kinds of gamers.

After releasing details on the playable Commando class available in the game, Game Informer is now sharing the details of the second class available in the game: the Ninja Class. While gameplay videos have shown that any character can build forts, explore environments, and fight with either ‘Husks’ (the game’s infected monsters) or other players, each class of characters is suited to different styles of gameplay, thanks to separate skill trees. Commandos cater to fans interested primarily in combat, and Ninjas are similar, wielding a katana for players who prefer melee rather than ranged play.

Fortnite’s version of a Ninja is not the standard sword swinging character that waits in the shadows to strike. The first ability available to players from the beginning is the Mantis Leap, a move that allows players to double jump with enough air to leap over one-story buildings. This could be crucial in getting an edge on an enemy or in retreating from a trap. The first unlockable ability is called ‘Assassination’, which deals additional damage with each consecutive strike of the ninja’s blade, and it can be stacked up to seven times within the short amount of time it is active.

Fortnite Ninja Detailed 2

While the ninja is not as tough as its ‘Tank’ brethren, the commando, it does show signs of being a stealth and tactical hybrid. With the Shadow Stance ability, players become invisible after killing an enemy, and take half the usual damage from enemies for a short time. This, coupled with the ability to set up defensive traps, could prove lethal to unsuspecting opponents who can either get sliced by the ninja, or fall into their deadly traps.

The ninja does not require guns, and actually includes ranged throwing stars, but it is still possible to obtain and use other weapons. Your playing style will determine whether guns will come in handy or not, as the speed of the ninja might help mow down enemies faster than shooting at them. Another important Ninja ability is the Dragon Slash, a powerful sword attack that propels the ninja through any enemies in their path, dealing massive amounts of damage. Of course, the standard smoke bomb is also available to use.

With the Commando and Ninja classes now detailed, we can look forward to learning more about the Scavenger and Constructor classes which focus on support and resources more than direct combat.


Source: Game Informer