Fortnite Teases Nightmares Halloween Event

fortnite halloween decorations

Just as kids and adults are preparing for Halloween in a little over a week, so two are a variety of video games. From Dead by Daylight to Black Ops 4, a number of titles are either preparing or running Halloween events, with Fortnite getting ready to join in on the fun.

This week, Fortnite’s official Twitter account teased the next Halloween event using the hashtag Fortnitemares. Some may remember that Fortnitemares was the kick-off to Seasons in Fortnite and featured a few changes to the gameplay along with a lot of spooky cosmetics.

However, this year Fortnite has already started getting in the spirit of Halloween with a number of macabre skins, gliders, and pickaxes, including the return of the Skull Trooper skin. On top of that, the Season 6 map features a few Halloween-themed decorations like ghosts and webs.

So considering that Fortnite is already in the Halloween spirit, it’s safe to assume that will continue through the rest of the month. More spooky skins should arrive every few days along with gliders and pickaxes, but perhaps there will be a new mode introduced with next week’s “reset.”

We’re sure that regular Fortnite players are expecting the return of the haunted storm from last year, which made players have scary visions if they were caught outside of the playable battle royale area. It also would be nice to see the Jack-O-Launcher and Grave Digger assault rifle make a return, maybe with some new weapon skins as well.

At the moment, all Fortnite players have is a tease that could be anything. It’s entirely possible that the zombie rock star seen in the Tweet is a new skin coming and that is all Epic Games is teasing. But it’s hard to imagine that a game as popular as Fortnite would not capitalize on Halloween in some capacity, beyond the cosmetics that have been releasing this season.

Fortnite is available now.

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