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fortnite season 10 adds brute mech

A brand new season is in full swing in Fortnite and the popular battle royale game is celebrating in a lot of big ways. Season 10, officially called Season X, is all about looking back on everything that has led up to this moment, introducing a time travel theme that sees the return of past items, skins, and portions of the Fortnite map, which may soon include the return of Moisty Mire - or at least a variation of it, anyway.

Season 10 has introduced Rift Zones, which developer Epic Games has confirmed will transform locations on the island as the season progresses. After digging around in the game's latest update, dataminer Ep8Script has unearthed a variety of file names linked to POIs, one of which suggests a Rift Zone may bring back Moisty Mire in an unexpected way.

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Paradise Palms replaced Moisty Mire in Season 5, becoming the sprawling desert biome it is today. A filename discovered during the datamine labels one POI as "Moisty Palms", which may point to a potential mashup of the two locations. If the two locations do end up smooshed together, this new POI will certainly be found in the same general area, on the lower east side of the map. How the zone will look or when the transformation will be implemented is unknown at this time.

According to a recent leak, another portion of the map is about to see a significant change. Continuing with the time travel theme of the season, the futuristic Neo Tilted will transition to an old west look and be called Tilted Town. In fact, the transformation appears to be happening soon, as a Rift Beacon has just been activated in the zone and a rift is being generated above Neo Tilted. Players are now anxiously waiting for the change to actually take place, which many believe may occur at reset on Thursday.

fortnite season 10 brute mech

Another big change coming to Fortnite in Season 10 is the introduction of a new, two-player rideable BRUTE mech, which puts those piloting it in a very advantageous position. However, the mech has been met with public backlash as many fans and pros alike claim it is too overpowered, which has led to requests that the mech be vaulted. Among the concerns is the fact the mech is marked on the map, forcing all players to go after it at once. The two-player aspect also provides a significant advantage, as does its ability to fire up to 10 missiles at once at 50 damage per missile.

Fortnite is out now for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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