Fortnite Mobile Makes $2 Million Per Day

Fortnite Mobile Revenue

It's no secret that Fortnite brings in serious money: the game generated almost a quarter of a billion dollars in March alone, and things have shown no signs of slowing down since. In fact, Epic Games has recently reached $1 billion in total revenue via Fortnite microtransactions alone - and that's something that mobile games sales are having a big impact on.

The launch of season 5 has had a large impact on mobile Fortnite sales,  which have now risen to an average of $2 million per throughout the first 10 days of season 5 action. That's a 12% increase in the preceding ten days, and a remarkable 19% increase when compared to the first 10 days of season 4. Suffice to say, Epic Games is probably very happy with how things are going.

Fortnite also set its own mobile sales record in terms of daily revenue on July 13, a day after the launch of Season 5. The mobile platform's daily revenue reached just over $3 million in that 24 hour period, surpassing the Fortnite's previous mobile sales record of $1.9 million from the launch of season 4, a figure it had been hovering around in recent months.

Fortnite revenue microtransactions 1 billion

Players have now spent over $150 million through Fortnite mobile purchases, and this is all before the Android version of the game has been released. There's currently no release date for the Android version, which is expected to drop later on this summer. When that happens, the Fortnite 'Make It Rain' emote will feel more fitting than ever.

Fortnite has run circles around PUBG in terms of mobile sales, earning 5 times the revenue of its rival in its first week alone, a figure which has only increased with time. The figure is largely helped by the fact that purchases done on the mobile version of Fortnite will carry on to the PC and console versions of the game, a link that PUBG simply doesn't have. It's all the more impressive when considering that PUBG is available for both iOS and Android, while Fortnite is still awaiting an Android release. While Battlegrounds helped popularize the idea of a Battle Royale game to the masses, there's little doubt that Fortnite is the one reigning supreme right now.

Fortnite is available now on iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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