Fortnite Missile Launches for All to See

fortnite players watching missile

Fortnite held what might be its most popular shared world event yet, rivaling the falling meteors of Season 3. Early Saturday morning/afternoon, players were able to load into a lobby and watch as several missiles launched into the sky, presumably to pave the way for Season 5.

Epic Games had prepared Fortnite players for the event and told them to make sure they were in a match by about 1030am PT. Anyone that was in a match witnessed a massive rocket launch into the atmosphere before it started ripping through dimensions and eventually disappearing.

Without question, this was one of the more impressive events for Fortnite, if not multiplayer video games in general. Watching a giant missile launch with a bunch of random strangers who all share in the Fortnite fandom is something that many will remember. And one can only assume that this launch will have lasting implications on Fortnite come Season 5.

Just like with Season 3’s hints towards Season 4, the leaks regarding Season 5 have started to flood in. Most players believe that the villains of Season 4 are planning a new destructive event and that it will further change the world map. However, a leak for the Season 5 Fortnite map suggests that things will actually start improving, as the “world of Fortnite” rebuilds areas like Dusty Divot and Titled Towers following the meteor crash.

We still have some time until Season 5 kicks off, so there could be more events like this in the pipeline. Keep a lookout on the daily Fortnite login info and make sure not to miss out in case that missile eventually comes crashing back down.

Fornite is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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