Fortnite Millionaire's Mother Once Threw Out His Xbox

Fortnite player Jaden 'Wolfiez' Ashman

British teenager Jaden "Wolfiez" Ashman has become a millionaire because of his Fortnite skills, but his mother reveals that she once threw out his Xbox One. Wolfiez was one of several teens to do well at the Fortnite World Cup, as 16 year old Bugha won the top prize at the tournament, taking home millions of dollars in prize money.

Speaking to the BBC, Wolfiez says that his mother, Lisa Dallman, "didn’t understand how it worked, so she thought that I was spending eight hours a day in my room just wasting my time." The Fortnite duos runner-up is "really happy" having proven to his mother that he can make a career from playing games professionally.

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Dallman is also delighted with her son's success but says that she was "quite against him gaming." Wolfiez mother also reveals that she'd been pushing Wolfiez to put more effort into his schoolwork and after one argument with her son, she threw his Xbox out and snapped a headset. The esports player has suggested that he'll buy his mother a new house and, potentially, a new car to replace her Fiat 500.

Wolfiez will share the $2.25 million prize with his teammate, Dutch player Dave John (Rojo). The British teenager and his mother will be glad with the result, but other Fortnite World Cup competitors have reason to celebrate too. Everyone to take part in the Fortnite World Cup will go home with $50,000 or more, as the tournament's total prize fund was $30 million. It was part of Epic Games' plan to offer a $100 million prize fund for the first year of Fortnite competitive play.

These are life-changing funds for those who played in the tournament but they could potentially make much more money than that. Fortnite streamer Ninja makes $500,000 a month by streaming the popular battle royale game on Twitch. Some of the players, like Wolfiez, were mostly unknown before they did so well as the Fortnite World Cup, but as their popularity has risen they have won new fans and this could make them more money.

Epic Games may also bring back Fortnite World Cup in 2020, giving these players a way to take home thousands or millions of dollars again. Epic hasn't confirmed its 2020 esports plans yet, but Fortnite broke gaming revenue records in 2018 so the developer has huge amounts of money to fund another tournament of this size if it feels like.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS devices.

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Source: BBC

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