Fortnite Trolls Players for Tilted Towers Meteor Strike Theory

fortnite meteor crash

As we get deeper into Fortnite Battle Royale's space-themed Season 3, the theory that a meteor will destroy Tilted Towers continues to gain steam. However, those convinced that the rumoured destruction would take place yesterday on April 18th were let down in true Epic Games fashion via an ingenious Easter egg discovered by one resourceful fan.

For weeks, Fortnite fans have speculated about the impending meteor, starting with just a few minor clues such as a faint light in the sky and suspicious emotes, then becoming much more compelling when phantom controller rumbles spelled out "SOSD5418." With "SOS" being a common distress signal, "D5" representing Tilted Towers' square on the map grid, and "418" seeming to indicate the date 4/18 (April 18th), obliteration of the controversial map location seemed all but set in stone.

Of course, April 18th came and went with little incident, save for a noticeable visual change to the sky: when looking up, players would see occasional bright comets streak through the atmosphere and the biggest meteor would give off a sound when focused on. When the meteor sound effect is put through a spectograph, Epic Games' mischievous intentions are revealed:

fortnite comet troll

At the bottom of the image, stills of the "L-Dance" - an emote players used to taunt each other - can clearly be seen. The subtle Easter egg is a clear confirmation of two things: that Epic Games is very aware that many players expected the meteor on April 18th, and that the devs had no intentions whatsoever to deliver on it. Hiding the dance within the promising sight of larger meteor streaks is Epic Games' way of mocking fans who wrongly expected the comet to hit yesterday.

Those eagerly awaiting the removal of Tilted Towers need not despair just yet - this doesn't mean we won't ever see the comet. The town's imminent destruction has been all but guaranteed thanks to mounting evidence over the last few weeks, with one fan even going as far as to discover a meteor already hidden under Tilted Towers.

Instead, it's likely the 4/18 part of the Morse code was simply misinterpreted and refers more generally to April 2018 rather than the 18th of April. This would certainly make sense, as Season 3 of the Battle Royale mode ends on April 30th, so the meteor strike falling on this date would serve as the grand finale of Fortnite's space theme.

While it's currently unknown what will happen to the map post-comet, some have taken a dinosaur sticker unlocked at the 98th tier of the Battle Pass as a hint that Season 4 may be based on a prehistoric theme. Whatever the future holds for Fortnite Battle Royale, we'll undoubtedly see many more hidden clues in the run up to April 30th.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile.

Source: Reddit

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