Fortnite Could Be Making Changes to Mega Mall Soon

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Another change to the Fortnite map is about to happen once again, warping a popular point of interest into something else completely. This is due to the fact that a second Rift Beacon has appeared, this time in Mega Mall, which we now know signals something big is about to happen to that area.

When Season 10 kicked off, there were no significant changes to the Fornite map as there had been in previous seasons. Developer Epic Games made it clear that wouldn't be the case for long. This has turned out to be true, with a new part of the island being altered almost weekly. Players can tell when something is about to go down in a particular area when a Rift Beacon appears. One has recently activated in Mega Mall, meaning that point of interest will soon undergo a significant change.

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Last week, another Rift Beacon appeared in the futuristic area of Neo Tilted, which shortly after turned into the western-themed Tilted Town. The Rift dragged the area back in time - time travel being somewhat of a theme for this season. It is impossible to tell at this point if the same time-altering antics will happen to Mega Mall, but players are anxious to find out. They likely won't have to wait for long, as the period between the last Rift Beacon appearance and the change to the map was very short.

Once Mega Mall has gone through its transformation, any zone could be next. But are some ideas as to where the next Rift will activate, with one of the most popular assumptions being the desert biome. A dataminer recently picked through the game's files and pulled up Moisty Palms in a list of points of interest, which could suggest a mashup of Moisty Mire and Paradise Palms. Moisty Mire used to be located where Paradise Palms is currently located, suggesting the old zone is making a comeback in an interesting way. With that in mind, we can safely assume the location of Moisty Palms will be in the same region.

Fortnite is out now in early access for Android, iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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