Fortnite: 5 Reasons We Hate Mechs (& 5 Reasons We Love Them)

Epic Games has stirred up some controversy in the last couple of weeks with the introduction of Mechs to Fortnite, powerful armored vehicles that can shred opponents with missile barrages and take a pounding from sustained gunfire.

The Mechs have divided the player base as some fans see them as a welcome shake up for the game and others feel they are too overpowered. There are some good arguments for both sides and Epic Games has a lot of work ahead of them if they want to make these permanent inclusions to the game without losing too many fans.

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10 Hate: PR Stunt

Probably the biggest criticism for the Mechs is that many fans see them as a means of getting free publicity at the expense of the players. By introducing powerful Mechs to the game players are getting revved up on social media to complain and condemn them.

Because of all the hype and buzz generated by the frustrated players the entire industry turns its gaze to Fortnite and gives it attention. This leads to new players joining the game, old players coming back, and media hype leads to a boost in Epic Games valuation to investors.

9 Love: Counters Buildings

It’s been a frustration for players that tournament winners and those who frequently win matches are the players with the best building game. As a result many players put a greater emphasis on gathering building materials and crafting towers than they do gunning each other down.

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Mechs disrupt this meta strategy by shredding buildings with its missiles and killing anyone inside. Now buildings have gone from being highly defended fortresses to dinner bells for Mechs. It’s forcing players to be more strategic when they build and rely upon their weapons more, which is seen by many as a good change of pace.

8 Hate: Missile Barrage

While Mechs are appreciated for making players second guess building massive towers, it is a little overpowered. A player with max health, max shield, and a few walls between them and the Mech will be shredded by a single missile barrage.

Sure, it’s realistic that these wooden structures would crumble before 10 missiles, but maybe nerfing the damage just a little and requiring at least two barrages would make things feel a little more fair. Barely surviving the first barrage and scrambling to survive the second would make things more interesting for builders and Mechs would have to implement more strategy when attacking towers.

7 Love: Skirmishes

When a Mech spawns on the map they become visible for everyone and sit waiting for a single player or duo to claim it. This causes many players in the area to rush to the Mech in the hopes of obtaining a powerful weapon that’ll take them to victory.

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This creates mini skirmishes when the majority of players would normally be spending their time peacefully gathering raw materials and not fighting each other. This makes things a little interesting as rushing for the Mech could get you killed, but not going after it means you’ll have to face it down the line.

6 Hate: No Way To Escape It

Mechs are incredibly mobile for armored vehicles of death. They can dash forward, leap incredible heights, and are not nearly as sluggish as people imagine they’d be. This wouldn’t be so bad if regular players had the same level of mobility.

For whatever reason when Mechs were introduced Epic Games removed various transportation methods leaving players with weak options like launchpads, hoverboards, and rifts to move around. This leads to players getting run down by Mechs with no hope of escape or survival. Giving players the means to dodge barrages and at least match the Mechs pacing would make things a little more balanced.

5 Love: Powerful

Sure, the Mechs are overpowered right now, but being behind the wheel of one of these things is an awesome feeling. You immediately go from being a vulnerable player to a metallic barbarian capable of raining hellfire on towers and charging down opponents.

Players that struggled to survive against teams of skilled opponents now have a means that more than evens the playing field. It was a brutal slog to get to the Mech first after fighting through a horde of players so you deserve a little fun for all that hard work.

4 Hate: No Weapon To Counter

While the Mechs are an effective counter against buildings there really isn’t an effective counter against them. Rocket Launchers just don’t have the same punch, sniper rifles don’t crack the cockpit and even if you do get a good shot off there’s very little hope of surviving the retaliation.

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Few players can consistently take these behemoths down and it’s a result of luck more than skill. Having a weapon that can fairly counter these brutes would go a long way to making players feel optimistic when one shows up on the horizon.

3 Love: David Vs Goliath Moments

Having said that there have been times when players managed to bring down a Mech on their own and it makes for some awesome gameplay. Seeing players manage to drop a Mech before their own life bar runs out or manage to dodge the worst of a missile barrage are intense moments.

Everyone knows they’re overpowered, everyone knows that facing one is all but a guaranteed death, so managing to overcome all of that to take one down is an epic feeling. As the developers start nerfing Mechs these kinds of kills will be more and more common, but for those players who managed to kill them in the beginning they will be legends.

2 Hate: No Cover

For a long time no one really had any beef with Fornite’s level design. The rolling hills, large fields, and wide town streets made it possible to construct large buildings anywhere and gave snipers a clear shot. Now that Mechs have made an appearance players are starting to notice a major flaw, there’s no cover anywhere.

With all that open space Mechs are free to charge across the fields, light up the towns, and rain missiles from the tops of those rolling hills. It’s open season and there’s very little to hide behind.

1 Love: Incentivizes Teamwork

Since Mechs have been introduced players are starting to rely upon each other to take them down. Even in a free-for-all match enemies will quickly become friends as everyone joins together to take the greater threat down before they’re all massacred.

Even the Mechs themselves incentivize team work as they can be piloted more efficiently by two players. This level of cooperation has been missing from Fortnite for some time and it makes for interesting gameplay as enemies become friends and then go back to being enemies.

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