Fortnite Update Adds Junk Rift Item, Blows Up Soccer Stadium

fortnite soccer field season 10

Fortnite Season 10's path of disruption has claimed the battle royale's beloved soccer stadium. As had been hinted in Fortnite's previous updates, the mysterious Visitor was targeting the soccer stadium with their Rift Beacons. The Beacon, like with previous areas including Mega Mall and Neo Tilted, should have created a time field transporting the soccer stadium and nearby buildings into the past. But this time something went wrong. The Beacon appears to have exploded, taking the soccer stadium with it.

Where the soccer stadium, the nearby basketball court, and other local buildings once stood is instead a literal muddy pit. Besides some broken pipes and various other debris, there's nothing left to indicate that the soccer stadium once stood in this location. That doesn't mean the location isn't worth visiting, however. Within the pit rests a variety of freely available chests, as well as a mysterious new consumable.

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This new consumable has been changed by the explosion of the Rift Beacon. Instead of being just one consumable, it constantly rotates through a selection of multiple consumables. At any time the item can be an apple, a mushroom, a pepper, a coconut, or a crystal. The item will "glitch" between these different consumables randomly. And after consumed, will grant a small heal or buff. No one knows exactly why these consumables are here, but they will be part of an upcoming Fortnite challenge.

As teased, Epic Games also released an entirely new item into Fortnite, too. The new item is a Junk Rift consumable. Thrown like a grenade, the Junk Rift consumable opens a rift above the player's target. From this rift, any number of junk can fall. This includes a giant triceratops statue that can deal up to 200 damage to a single target, effectively insta-killing. A short Rift Junk video released by Epic shows how the Junk Rift item can destroy a BRUTE mech with ease.

Fortnite Season 10 continues to grow and change week to week, with the latest changes to the battle royale's map continuing to surprise. Season 10 is wildly different than the Seasons that preceded, for better or worse. The meta changes, sometimes dramatically, due to the changes Epic is making week-to-week. While there's definitely an argument to be made that stability is reliable and comfortable, it's also easily argued that experimentation and change keep Fortnite fresh and fun. Plus, it sure is interesting to speculate about what 's coming next.

Fortnite is available now in early access on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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