Fortnite Junk Rift Item Gets Disabled On All Game Modes

fortnite junk rift disabled

Fortnite fans might notice something a little off about the game today. The game's Junk Rift item is currently pulled from the game and can't be used.

The announcement regarding this change was made by Epic Games suddenly. In a Tweet on the official Fortnite account, Epic revealed that the Junk Rift item would be temporarily disabled. At this time, it has not offered an explanation as to why, but the tweet does note that more information will be provided once it's available.

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This change likely comes as a surprise to many, as the Junk Rift item has only been around for a few days at this point. When used in battle, the Junk Rift item is thrown like a grenade and can open up a rift that starts dumping junk over whatever's beneath it. This is an effective way of distracting a target, or even taking out the game's controvesial BRUTE mechs.

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Pulling items, weapons, and vehicles from Fortnite is a fairly commonplace thing at this point. The developer is constantly refining and adjusting values on items and weapons in order to maintain a level playing ground for all players. There have also been a number of glitches over the years that required an immediate fix, which could be the reason this time around, too.

Alternatively, it might be time for changes to be made following the BRUTE adjustments. Initially, a Junk Rift item was likely a welcomed sight when facing down a BRUTE, as many complained that the BRUTE mechs were vastly overpowered and the outcome of a fight could change dramatically depending upon who made it to the mech first. Even so, the junk falling out of a Junk Rift could potentially down a BRUTE mech. Perhaps now that the BRUTE mechs have been nerfed, the Junk Rift needs to change too in order to keep it fair.

Fans can expect to get an official explanation on what's going on with the Junk Rift item and when it will be brought back in the near future from Epic Games.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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