Season 5 Week 10 of Fortnite is finally underway, meaning there is a new set of challenges to be completed and season 6 will soon be upon us. For those trying to get that last bit of XP and those last few Battle Pass Tiers, we’ve compiled this guide for the Jigsaw puzzle piece challenge. As stated in the challenge, these unique items can be found in various basements throughout the battle island.

While Fortnite players only need to collect 7 different puzzle pieces, there are actually 14 different locations across the map. When near, players will see a faint glow as well as hear a light rattle. The 14 locations are as follows:

  • Retail Row – Broken down house in the center of the area.
  • Greasy GroveĀ – In the basement of the restaurant.
  • Greasy Grove – south of the area in the wooden shack.
  • Shift Shafts – near the green screen inside the house west of this location.
  • Snobby Shores – two houses south of this area.
  • Salty Springs – in the secret base at the top left of the area
  • Lonely Lodge – In the mansion slightly south of the area
  • Tomato Town – North of the area in the basement of the two houses
  • Risky Reels – East at the two houses
  • Risky Reels – West at the two houses
  • Flush Factory – Northeast of the area in the industrial portion, bottom left building
  • Haunted Hills – In the basement of the primary church
  • Pleasant Park – bottom left house.

Of course, for some, it’s easier to complete these challenges with a visual. Here’s a map with all 14 areas marked, created by our friends at IGN:

fortnite jigsaw map

This isn’t the only challenge that will have some players scratching their heads. One of the other challenges, Search Between a Bridge, Waterfall, and Ninth Green, can also be a bit confusing for some players, so we’ve also compiled a guide for that challenge here.

Hopefully, with this guide, players end season 5 with a huge win and are prepared for whatever comes with season 6. After all, while it’s only rumored for now, but it sounds like something could be happening at Loot Lake to set the course for next season. Until then, Ranters, good luck on the battle island!

Source: IGN