How Fortnite's Avengers Infinity Gauntlet Mode Works

fortnite infinity gauntlet mode

The Fortnite servers have come back up from the weekly maintenance and the new Infinity Gauntlet limited time mode is live. While Epic Games had previously teased the crossover event with an image, we now know exactly how the mode works and it’s actually quite cool.

The basics of Infinity Gauntlet are fairly simple. The titular glove will land somewhere on the map via a meteor strike. Any player is free to pick up the Infinity Gauntlet and doing so will turn that player into Thanos.

As Thanos, Fortnite players will have 700 HP and 300 Shield to work with, but HP does not replenish. Thanos can regain some shield on each kill, though.

While regular Fortnite players are trying to eliminate Thanos via the usual arsenal of weapons, the Mad Titan has his own set of abilities to use. He can:

  • Punch Combo - A strong set of hits that can damage enemies or structures.
  • Smash - Thanos crashes to the ground, dealing area of effect damage.
  • Beam - The Gauntlet fires a beam that does direct damage to enemies.
  • Leap - Thanos can leap into the air and will not sustain fall damage.

Once Thanos is eliminated, the Infinity Gauntlet will drop to the ground as loot and any player can pick it up. That person will then turn into Thanos and the cycle starts anew. As with regular Fortnite, Victory Royale is granted to the last player standing, which in this case will either be Thanos or the last player to eliminate Thanos.

Based on early playthroughs of the mode, it seems that Epic Games has balanced Infinity Gauntlet so that the fights feel fair. Thanos may have access to some cool powers, but he cannot build and his position is revealed on both the map and radar. All 99 other players will know exactly where Thanos is at all times – a smart move to keep the action moving along.

Non-Thanos players will also notice increased loot drops on the map, from more resources to better rarity of weapons. Tackling Thanos will require a strong arsenal and luckily it won’t take long for players to get properly looted up.

While we’re sure Fortnite players would love to see Infinity Gauntlet open the door to more crossovers, Epic Games says there will not be any Avengers skins coming to the battle royale game. That being said, given Fortnite’s popularity and the potential marketing that will come from this Avengers crossover, we wouldn’t be surprised if more entertainment properties started ringing Epic Games’ phones.

Fortnite is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Image via Adamyus

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