After a slower than expected launch back in July, Fortnite has picked up incredible momentum thanks in large part to its recently added free mode, Battle Royale. Even though the mode has caught the ire of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer Bluehole, Fortnite’s latest mode featured over 1 million players at launch, helping to push the game past the 7 million players mark in total. With an increased amount of players now in game, Epic Games is looking to ease some confusion by explaining how the game handles certain things such as weapon accuracy.

In a blog post on the Fortnite blog, Senior Systems Designer Eric Williamson reveals that every weapon in the game, except sniper rifles, are hit scan. This essentially means that when a weapon is fired, there’s no travel time for the bullet resulting in the enemy being hit immediately. Because of that and the initial high accuracy for all weapons, players adopted a more conservative playstyle as running across open spaces usually resulted in death. Epic wasn’t happy with this as it resulted in all weapons behaving in a similar way and prevented players from having time to defensively respond.

Epic went back to the Battle Royale drawing board and placed a greater emphasis on accuracy with goals of eliminating sniping an enemy with a pistol at long range and adding variety to all weapons based on statistics like ammo availability, target type, and distance to the target. Through testing, Epic has made adjustments to Assault Rifles and SMGs, which were underperforming and has also placed a greater emphasis on standing still, crouching, and aiming down the sights as methods to improve weapon accuracy as well. The developer continues to run tests internally with different modifiers like enabling projectiles for all weapons as well as using more recoil and reducing accuracy penalties.

Looking to capitalize on the game’s newfound attention and popularity, Epic Games is planning on adding even more content for players to dig into. Starting today, the latest game update adds a new game mode called Challenge the Horde where players have unlimited time but limited resources to construct a portable fort that travels with the player in each combat zone. Survive, earn rewards and more resources to continue building the base. The update also includes new loot, special event quests, and a variety of bug fixes and game enhancements as well.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Epic Games