Described as a mashup of Minecraft and Left 4 DeadFortnite was first announced years ago by Epic Games and People Can Fly. While the game is still considered to be in a “beta” state with its full release planned for 2018, it’s now available to the masses as a paid early access title, offering enough content to justify its different pricing tiers. This content includes different regions to explore, quests to complete, and many heroes to unlock. And for those wondering how to unlock all the heroes in Fortnite, here’s how to get it done.

1. Complete the Tutorial

All Fortnite players will begin the game with one soldier class hero. Before any other heroes can be unlocked, players will need to complete Fortnite‘s tutorial stages, where they will learn how to fight enemies and use its unique base-building mechanics. When that’s over with, players will be able to collect loot llamas, which are piñata llamas that can be smashed open for loot.

Luckily, loot llamas are easy to come by. Players can earn them mainly by completing quests, but they can also be purchased with V-bucks. V-bucks, for the uninitiated, is Fornite‘s in-game currency, which can be earned by completing daily missions.

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2. Use Loot Llamas

After amassing some loot llamas, unlocking new heroes is as simple as smashing them open and getting lucky. Before too long, players should have a large roster of heroes of all different classes to choose from, but it’s smart to focus on one specific class and hero at the start of the game. Duplicate heroes and others players aren’t interested in can be retired by examining them in the armory, assuming players have the appropriate skills unlocked.

Heroes in Fortnite can be upgraded to improve their abilities, and can even be evolved to more powerful heroes if players have enough resources. Leveling up heroes can be a drain on resources, so players won’t want to spread themselves too thin. As previously stated, it’s best to focus on one class and hero at first, and then slowly start spending resources to other classes and heroes.

3. Hero Classes

There are four distinct classes in Fortnite:  Constructor, Ninja, Outlander, and Soldier. Heroes are automatically assigned to specific classes, so unlocking hero classes is the same as unlocking new heroes. Simply collect llamas, smash them, and then check out whatever loot has been earned in the armory.

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Of course, Fortnite‘s hero-unlocking system could change once the game becomes free-to-play in 2018. Epic Games and People Can Fly are expected to make numerous changes to it over the next year as the studios assess feedback from the game’s closed beta period. For now, though, unlocking heroes in Fortnite consists of collecting llamas and smashing them open.

Fortnite is available now in early access for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.