In Epic Games’ sandbox survival title Fortnite, rare tools and upper-tier weapons are a high priority for many players as they battle against hordes of monstrous enemies and defend the integrity of their fortresses. While lower-level rifles, scythes, and explosives are mostly effective in defeating opponents, it’s the widely desired Crystal Weapons that fans are truly after. For players wanting to know what these rare devices are and how to obtain them, here’s a quick guide on how to get Crystal Weapons in Fortnite.

Crystal Weapons Overview

For context, Crystal Weapons are essentially the powered-up variants of Normal Weapons and are created in a unique crafting system using crystal materials instead of ore. They get their moniker from Malachite and Shadowshard – two crystals players must choose between them when they evolve from Star 3 to Star 4 Level weapons.

Crystal Weapons are Star Level 4 weapons and rank higher than those made with Copper Ore, Silver Ore, and Malachite. Crystal Weapons begin at the tier 4 baseline, are always of Rare rarity or higher, and sit on-par (in terms of level) with Obsidian and Shadowshard in standard weaponry.

fornite crystal weapons guide

Crystal Weapons are produced through weapon evolution from Star Level 3 to Star Level 4, which happens after a player has exhausted the options to level up the weapon in that specific schematic. Both ranged and melee weapons are available to evolve, but players must possess Shadowshard in order to craft an improved weapon. Shadowshard, though rare, can be found in caves and mountains.

Conducting the Evolution

When a player goes to conduct the evolution and craft an improved weapon, they will be prompted to choose between two paths: Normal and Crystal. The “Normal” path produces a weapon with added durability, much like other tiers. Contrarily, the “Crystal” path yields a Crystal Weapon, naturally, and infuses it with extra damage-doling abilities, but decreases its durability.

As previously mentioned, the Shadowshard Crystal is used to create Crystal Weapons, not the common Quartz Crystal that can also be spotted in caves and mountains. Finding Shadowshard and keeping it on hand is a necessity if a player desires to upgrade to a Crystal Weapon. Additionally, Fortnite fans should know that Crystal Weapons are basically side-grades of Epic/Legendary Weapons, which explains why they’re listed as Level 30 in the Collection Book.

fortnite crystal weapons

Upgrade Wisely

These formidable weapons are vied for due to the massive damage potential they carry. Unfortunately, there’s a trade-off for such an incredible attribute: Crystal Weapons are lacking in durability. Fortnite players should be aware of the give-and-take that comes with obtaining a Crystal Weapon before deciding to make the jump to grab one.

With Fortnite still in early access, changes could come to the game’s weapon-upgrading and evolving system before it officially launches as a free-to-play game next year. Developers Epic Games and People Can Fly have previously stated they will be looking into fan feedback from Fortnite‘s closed beta period to create and implement improvements between now and 2018. Until then, this guide has players covered with how to obtain Crystal Weapons.

Fortnite is out now in early access for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.