Besides the daily and story quests that players can complete in the paid early access game Fortnite, there are also side quests, often with hidden objectives. One such side mission is called Epic Troll Stash, and completing it will not only net players some extra loot, but also an achievement/trophy for their troubles.

To activate this bonus quest, players will first need to be level 15 or above. Furthermore, it’s necessary to complete all the quests in Stonewood, the first region in Fortnite. By doing so, the Epic Troll Stash quest will appear in the list of quests for players to complete, though it doesn’t make it clear what exactly players have to do to complete the quest.

Basically, players need to do a quest in an area that’s level 15 or above and has BluGlo. For the uninitiated, BluGlo is an item that is typically used in quests to power up objects. For example, players are first tasked with collecting BluGlo in the game’s tutorial missions to power a rocket ship when they’re being taught about the game’s crafting and base-building features. The next time they encounter BluGlo in the story is when they are asked to power a device in one of the earliest quests in the game, but it can be found outside of missions as well.

At any rate, this quest is activated once players find BluGlo that is swiped by a troll. Instead of collecting the BluGlo right away, players have to complete a mini-game of sorts where they have to hit the troll with a melee weapon, similarly to whack-a-mole. When this is done, players will earn some loot, including the troll stash key. It’s worth noting that if one player finds a troll stash key, everyone in the match will also get one, so some may be able to skip the troll bashing mini-game and still unlock the Epic Troll Stash achievement/trophy.

With the troll stash key in tow, the next step is finding the chest. The chest seems to spawn randomly in the game’s various regions, though it seems more likely to spawn in areas under bridges – because where else would a troll hide its stash? Upon finding the chest, simply open it with the key and the quest will be completed.

After finding the chest and completing the quest, players will earn the Epic Troll Stash achievement/trophy, and will have a lot more loot to their name as well. Those struggling with this quest will just have to keep collecting BluGlo to bring out the troll and keep their eyes peeled for the Epic Troll Stash chest, but at least they can earn XP and unlock new heroes in the process.

Fortnite is available now in Early Access for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.