Fortnite: Where to Search the Hidden N in Lowdown Loading Screen

fortnite chapter the lowdown loading screen

Despite its big Chapter 2 relaunch last month, Fortnite continues to chug along as before, finding more ways to entice players back into its battle royale fold. It’s Thursday again, and longtime players know that means new challenges have been added to the game to keep them busy during Week 5 of Fortnite Chapter 2’s first season, known as The Lowdown.

As with Season 1’s prior weekly challenges, The Lowdown introduces eleven new challenges to tackle on the side of normal gameplay. While the objectives vary, the rewards are the same throughout, with each completed challenge granting 14,000 XP. In addition, there’s also a hidden collectible, the “N” in “Fortnite,” which players are going to have to find if they want to complete the final Lowdown challenge.

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All Of The Lowdown Challenges

To find the hidden letter, players must unlock The Lowdown’s special loading screen, which shows where the “N” is located. In order to unlock the loading screen, they must complete eight of the other challenges first.

  • Search Chests at E.G.O. outposts (7).
  • Deal damage to opponents while riding in a Motorboat (500).
  • Visit different E.G.O. outposts (5).
  • Assault Rifle Eliminations (3).
  • Revive a teammate in different matches (3).
  • Search Ammo Boxes in different Named Locations (7).
  • Heal teammates with a Bandage Bazooka (200).
  • Eliminations at Craggy Cliffs or Salty Springs (3).
  • Reboot a teammate (1).
  • Assist teammates with Eliminations (7).
  • Search the hidden 'N' found in The Lowdown Loading Screen (1).

Location Of The Hidden “N”

As the challenge list shows, the E.G.O. outposts dotting Fortnite Chapter 2’s map boast a sizable presence within this week’s objectives. It is in one of these locations that the “N” is hidden, specifically the hangar southwest of Holly Hedges. It’s hard to miss, given that it’s large and located right next to the long road winding through the western edge of the map.

Once there, players are going to want to head up the stairs leading up to the platform against the back of the hangar’s interior and stop before two yellow barrels. That’s where they’ll find the “N,” and from there they’re free to complete the rest of The Lowdown and get back to worrying about the Fortnitemare challenges instead.

Fortnite is available for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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