Fortnite Halloween Decorations Found Around Map

fortnite halloween update

Season 6 of Fortnite Battle Royale kicked off last week, introducing plenty of new changes to help keep the experience feeling fresh even though the map basically remains the same as it was when the mode launched last year. While the game has been having some difficulties getting the new Shadow Stone items to work right, some of the bigger changes are still in the map, including a number of spooky locations including a Haunted House and a weird floating island that is currently hovering around Loot Lake. Epic appears to be running with this Halloween theme as new decorations have started appearing all over.

With October finally here, Fortnite appears to be getting into the Halloween spirit as decorations have started popping up all over the map, including popular locations like Pleasant Park and Tilted Towers. Players have begun seeing things like giant spiders on front lawns, webs stuck to the side of fences or houses, and even little ghosts hanging from roofs or streetlamps. Jack-o-lanterns have also been spotted hanging out on various steps in named locations as well.

fortnite halloween decorations

It's likely that this is only the first step in things to come for the popular mode. The debut trailer for season 6 also revealed the return of Skull Trooper, a very rare cosmetic outfit for the trooper class that hasn't been offered in nearly a year. Offering a rare skin again like the Red Knight or Power Chord is a tricky move for Epic has some fans enjoy keeping the skin exclusive while others would love an opportunity to pick it up again.

Whatever Epic decides to do, the future appears a bit brighter for Fortnite since Sony recently announced that it would allow cross-play functionality. The company caused quite a stir in June when Nintendo Switch players discovered that their Epic Accounts could not be used on a new system if it had already been used on the PlayStation 4. Curiously enough, Sony continued to fight the growing cross-play trend, locking out its own players from others on the PC, Xbox One, and Switch, before finally relenting last week. With new Battle Royale games and modes coming soon like Call of Duty's Blackout, having full cross-play functionality is definitely going to be a selling point for some Fortnite players.

Fortnite is available now in early access for Android, OS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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