After some careful tuning, Fortnite is ready to bring back one of its most controversial, and arguably fun, weapons. In a developer update this week, Epic Games revealed that the guided missile will return to Fortnite Battle Royale, likely in next week’s update.

For those that remember, the guided missile was removed from Fortnite because it was giving those with the weapon an unfair advantage. Essentially, a player with the guided missile could seek out a player in a fortified position and rain explosives down upon them without being exposed. The best course of action was usually to rush the opponent, but oftentimes that left the player just as exposed.

For the guided missile’s return, Epic Games is turning the weapon into a type of scouting tool, more than an offensive powerhouse. The turn radius, travel speed, damage, and explosion radius have all been dialed down to make it so that opponents can typically outrun, or even survive a guided missile should one travel their way.

Whether or not this will essentially make the guided missile useless is yet to be determined but it’s clear that Epic Games does not want the weapon to be as overpowered as it was originally. Still, a rocket that players can control will have its uses, especially in situations where only two opponents are facing off.


It will also be interesting to see if guided missile riding will still be possible or as useful as it was when the weapon first launched. Tons of Fortnite players actually used the missile as a way to send teammates into fortified positions and flank, and some even found a way to ride their own missile. But the decreased movement speed may make it harder to get a teammate next to an opposing team without getting shot down.

To Epic Games’ credit, the development team reworked a weapon instead of simply vaulting it never to return again. We know some players would rather they make other changes first, or even bring back some weapons, but for now they have rocket riding to look forward to.

Fortnite is available now for iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.