The Season 5 Week 5 challenges are live in Fortnite, which means that players have some new activities for their Battle Pass. This week adds a golf ball challenge that asks players to hit a golf ball from tee to green on different holes, and it’s actually one of the easiest challenges in Fortnite this week.

Unlike past weeks that had players traveling all over the map in search of basketball hoops and clay pigeons, all the golf holes are located in the same area on the map. Head to Lazy Links, and then just walk around to the different holes. There’s a misconception that players need to be on the fairway for the challenge to work, but they can actually be right next to the flag and use the golf emote to complete the challenge.

Before players can worry about this challenge, they will need to make sure to unlock the golf emote, though, which is unlocked through the Battle Pass. Assuming players have completed a decent chunk of the challenges from previous weeks, getting the golf emote should be no problem, and many may already have it unlocked. Otherwise they will want to focus on other challenges before attempting this one.

fortnite lazy links

At the time of this writing, Lazy Links is chaotic in Fortnite because so many players are attempting to complete this challenge. Many players are being passive, not bothering to kill each other and instead working together to hit all the golf balls. Others are taking advantage of everyone else’s passive nature and preying on those playing golf, so it’s a good idea to be armed before attempting to do this.

Luckily there should be no shortage of weapons and other supplies around Lazy Links. The nearby clubhouse usually has a treasure chest or two, so just do a bit of looting before worrying about the challenge. For those who are only worried about completing this challenge, it may be a good idea to just find somewhere to hide at Lazy Links and wait for the craziness to die down a bit.

Something else to keep in mind is that there are plenty of golf carts to snag in Lazy Links that can be used as getaway vehicles in case anyone starts attacking.

Fortnite is out now in early access for iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.