Epic’s 'Fortnite' Less Bro-ish Than 'Gears'

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It hasn’t even been a fortnight since the premiere trailer for Epic Games’ Fortnite was revealed at the 2011 Spike TV Video Game Awards and details started dropping. Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski and the Epic Games crew have been cooking up something that is bit different than what they're used to.

This time around ol' Cliffy B isn't leading the project, instead Epic has designated Lee Perry, lead level designer on Gears of War and senior gameplay designer on Gears of War 2. Bleszinski is, instead, merely supporting Fortnite -- though he hasn't been shy about speaking to the media and putting his face to the project.

In an interview with Joystiq, Bleszinski set the tone of game by saying there were "no dudebros" in it before quickly to defending his baby.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that, right? But creatively for the team, Gears has been amazing for us. But it's fun to kind of stretch our wings and do something that's a little different from the usual."

Fortnite is a radical departure from Epic's signature series. Aside from the exclusion of gruff, wise-cracking military grunts, its gameplay is a far cry from the direct, combat focused games Epic is used to. While gunplay is still a factor, it will be combined with strategy elements through structure buildings, making it a game more akin to a combination of Minecraft and Left 4 Dead.

According to CVG, Bleszinski, responding to a fan, hinted at the possibility of weapon crafting/traps, a leveling system, underground exploration and boss fights.

If you haven't see it yet, check out the Fortnite trailer where you can see a significant style difference from past Epic games, the art direction being one of the most obvious. Oh and, fun fact, a fortnight is 14 days (Game Rant is educational).


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Source: Joystiq [via CVG]


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