Fortnite: Where to Spray Different Gas Stations

fortnite season 10 spray gas stations

Fortnite season 10 week 2 "Spray and Pray" challenges are live now, with players tasked with completing a variety of tasks such as dealing damage with SMGs, dealing damage to enemy structures with a minigun, spraying 3 different gas stations across the battle island, and more. As far as that last challenge is concerned, it's not difficult as long as Fortnite players know where to search.

While the battle island has no shortage of gas stations, Fortnite players looking to quickly complete this challenge will benefit from focus on the desert biome. There are three gas stations within this area that can be quickly reached by ground, wrapping up this challenge in little-to-no time at all. The main thing players want to be sure of is that they have a spray emote equipped to their emote wheel. Otherwise, it would be impossible to complete this challenge.

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Reaching each area and performing the spray emote is all that is required.  The first gas station we recommend is just north of Lucky Landing along the road, and the next is somewhat northeast of Lucky Landing along the road entering Fortnite's desert biome. The final gas station is located in Paradise Palms on the southwest corner, so traveling from area to area is a quick way to complete this challenge. For those who prefer a more visual guide, we recommend checking out the attached video from YouTuber HarryNinetyFour.

Basically, the strategy here would to land at the gas station just north of Lucky Landing, follow the road into the desert biome, and then finally arrive at Paradise Palms (perhaps soon to be Moisty Palms). Of course, take precautions as these gas stations will likely be a hot spot for a couple of weeks.

As season 10 marches ever forward, it'll be interesting to see what Fortnite cooks up next. Considering the BRUTE Mech is already contentious, it seems safe to say fans of the battle royale game are in for a wild ride.

Fortnite is out now in early access for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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