Meet The Commando Class of Epic Games’ ‘Fortnite’

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The developers at Epic Games gave the entire industry paused when they first announced they would be leaving behind the armored grunts of Gears of War for the cartoony, lighthearted fort-building of the aptly titled Fortnite. Now that the team has begun to show off more of the action title, and even lengthy looks at gameplay, the emphasis on defending bases with firearms and explosives shows they haven’t strayed too far from their strengths. And nothing embodies that fact more than the game’s Commando classes.

As part of Game Informer‘s ongoing coverage of Fortnite, the Commando class – both male and female variants – is the first to be examined in greater detail. And while previous reports focused on the extensive crafting and procedurally-generated environments players will encounter, the Commando seems to be aimed squarely at those who are more interested in Epic firefights than scavenging building supplies.

The early looks at gameplay showed that no matter how much the color scheme and style may change, Fornite will remain a third-person shooter, and the new details confirm that at least from a control standpoint, it is following the path set by Gears of War. Commandos follow the formula the most explicitly, focusing on combat with a range of weapon types (more than a few equippable at one time, and able to be crafted from unlocked schematics) using the studio’s signature ‘over the shoulder’ aiming. But the familiar finish conceals some intriguing mechanics.

Fortnite Commando Classes

As was the case with the other squad-based shooter on the minds of next-gen gamers, the Commando brings more to their team than just their ability to wield a an assault rifle, shotgun, sub machine-gun or pistol (or grenades, or proximity mines). Specifically, the ‘Debilitating Shot’ ability which unlocks from the start, making the monster more vulnerable to the rest of the team’s attack for a short period. The first ability able to be unlocked by players – ‘Make It Rain’ – not only shows Epic’s sens eof humor is intact, but highlights the Commando’s primary function: with a landed Headshot, the player’s rate of fire increases, allowing them to deal out devastating damage on any opponent.

The Commando may represent the standard ‘Tank’ class in combat against both the enemy Husks and other players in online multiplayer, but these early details show that there is at least the possibility of some more refined and balanced gameplay. Capable of firing up close, at a distance, or leading Husks to choke points – or the opposing PvP team’s base – the Commando is anything but simple, and it’s encouraging to see that Epic is both welcoming Gears faithful and giving them a few more options on the battlefield.

Fortnite Commando Screenshot

Hopefully that promise continues as the rest of the classes are examined in greater detail, but Epic Games isn’t shying away from the kind of expectations that nearly two years of radio silence bring with it. The studio claims it’s their best property yet, and while those claims are certainly not surprising to see, it will be interesting to see how broad an audience Fortnite manages to attract with its blend of shooter and crafting.

What are your hopes for Fortnite? Does the presence of Gears-esque combat in a character class make you more likely to give the game some attention, or temper your enthusiasm? Sound off in the comments.


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