Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney made an appearance at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Unpacked event today to shed more light on the Android version of Fortnite. In addition to confirming that the Fortnite Android beta is now live, Sweeney was also on hand to unveil a very exclusive and very attractive new skin for the game.

The new Fortnite skin in question is called Galaxy and it turns a player’s character into a beautiful collage of stars, with a blue and purple cloudy background behind them. The Galaxy skin also makes the character’s hair turn a luminescent white color, while the character’s eyes turn a blue/white color, making them like an intergalactic ghost. The Galaxy skin comes complete with a blue shooting star trailing light around the character’s head.

Unfortunately for Fortnite fans eager to get their hands on this impressive new skin, unlocking it isn’t as simple as spending some V-Bucks. The skin is part of Epic Games’ partnership with Samsung meaning that the only way to get it is to play the game on either the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone or the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 tablet. It’s worth noting that pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 also come with 15,000 V-Bucks, so that may be the more attractive option.

Exclusive Fortnite Galaxy skin revealed

The exclusivity may be disappointing to some but there is a small blip of hope.¬†At this point, it’s unclear whether Epic also plans to offer the Galaxy skin to all players, albeit much later down the line, but the nature of the promotion may make it happen. Its partnership with Samsung is a big deal (the Android beta is early access for Samsung Galaxy users, for example) but that doesn’t mean that the Galaxy deal will last forever.

At some point, Samsung will no longer promote the Note 9 and Tab 4 so heavily, as it will move onto its next flagships. Eventually, Samsung will discontinue the Note 9 and Tab 4 altogether, meaning that if the deal were to continue there would be no way of getting the Fortnite skin at all. It seems unlikely that Epic Games would lock a skin like that completely, so perhaps everyone will eventually be able to buy the Galaxy skin without having to get some new hardware too.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iOS devices. An Android bet is currently taking place, with a full release planned for later this summer.