Fortnite Update Brings Back the Floating Island

fortnite update brings back floating island

Fortnite's map has been changed up again for Season 10. While continuing to bring players new content, Epic Games has made a point to bring back formerly removed content as part of this season’s theme of time-based antics. Case in point, the floating island that once graced the map in Season 6 of Fortnite is there once more.

This won't come as a shock to those who’ve been paying attention, as the existence of the floating island and its new location was leaked last week. Whereas the old one originally appeared hovering over Loot Lake, this one can now be found in the area surrounding Fatal Fields, sporting on top of it the unnamed Motel that once stood where The Block does now. As Epic puts it, "two past locations return at once!"

The island remains constantly aloft, held up by the power of the mysterious cube fans lovingly christened Kevin. Of course, players can drop in from the Battle Bus, but those who've already landed on the map can also make their way up there with help from the low-gravity vortex surrounding the underside of the island.

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fortnite brute season 10 teaser

The return of Kevin's island is just one of the two additions in this update. The other is a new item called the Zapper Trap. Despite the name, it’s actually a throwable item in the vein of grenades, Boogie Bombs, and the recently-disabled Junk Rift. Like normal traps, however, the Zapper Trap can be attached to walls, and it has the added benefit of causing damage on both sides of a wall once set off. It's worth noting the item is considered Epic in terms of rarity, so expect to find these in small amounts.

A number of additional changes make up the rest of the latest Season 10 update. Aside from reverting the backlash-inducing changes to Turbo Building, Epic removed the overheating sound from the Minigun (due to glitches), fixed an issue that kept the names of places of interest from appearing on the map, and fixed another issue that affected the BRUTE mech's air stomp ability.

Fortnite is available to play for free on PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One and mobile devices.

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