Fortnite Flaming Rings Locations: Where to Jump a Motorboat Through Different Flaming Rings

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Fortnite Chapter 2 has been out for a few weeks now and fans of Chapter 1 are certain to love this welcome update. The most exciting new addition to Fortnite is perhaps the entirely new map which promises a whole new range of aquatic challenges.

For one of this week’s Dockyard Deal challenges, players must jump a motorboat through different rings of fire. Players only need to jump through three to complete the challenge but all told there are eight flaming rings stationed across the map. This guide shows where they are.

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One ring can be found near the huge dam northeast of Misty Meadows. From that direction, the player must speed through the middle hole at the top of the dam, boost off the ledge and sail through the ring of fire between them and Slurpy Swamp.

Two more rings can be found near Slurpy Swamp. The first is directly south of it. The player will find a set of logs balanced against a rock just before the ring, creating a makeshift ramp. With a boost, the player can launch off the logs and through the ring.

The other ring near Slurpy Swamp can be found above a pile of rocks directly to the west. Like the previous ring of fire, this one may be reached by boosting off the pair of logs pitched like a ramp just before it.

Another two rings may be found on the river that stretched between the ring-shaped lake in the center of the map and the giant lake north of Misty Meadows. The first one on the river is northwest of Lazy Lake at the top of the huge water fall. Players shouldn't check it out on foot unless they know how to avoid fall damage.

The next ring on the river is just southwest of Lazy Lake at the top of a smaller waterfall that leads into the giant lake north Misty Meadows, which, incidentally, is a great spot for fishing.

Another ring can be found at the four-way river intersection directly southeast of Frenzy Farm. In the center of the intersection is a small island which the ring floats above. All the player has to do is boost up the side with the dirt in order to fly through it like smoke.

From that intersection, if the player were to follow the river that points south, ultimately flowing between Lazy Lake and Retail Row, then they would find the seventh ring. Like the two rings near Slurpy Swamp, there will be two logs pitched on a rock like a ramp just before it. All players need to do is boost up the two logs and fly through the ring.

The final ring may be found atop a hill beside the beach of the southern edge of the continent. It is southwest of Misty Meadows and only requires players to boost off the edge of the cliff to soar through it.

Recommended Route

fortnite recommended route dockyard deal challenge

Considering that only three rings are required to accomplish the challenge, the recommended route would be to begin at the ring-shaped lake in the center of the map, follow the river to the southeast, boost off the first waterfall and soar through the first ring. After that continue downriver, boost off the second waterfall, soar through the second ring, and land in the big lake north of Misty Meadows. Then for the final ring, playersshould turn west to the dam, rocket through the middle hole at the top of it, and boost through the final ring before landing in the swamp.

After completing this challenge, players are one step closer to getting the next hidden letter.

Fortnite is out now for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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