In the new co-op sandbox game Fortnite from Epic Games, players will build a collection of cards that grant them access to a wide variety of heroes and weapons. Players may grow attached to certain heroes and weapons in the game, only for them to be outclassed by new items that are earned later on. To keep older cards relevant in Fortnite as players progress through the game, it’s possible to evolve them into stronger versions of themselves, though it’s not necessarily an easy process.

Before players can worry about evolving any of their hero or weapon cards in Fortnite, they will need to get them to max level. Leveling up heroes and weapons is easy enough; simply build up XP and then spend it on cards in the armory. However, getting heroes and weapons to max level is just half the battle when it comes to evolving cards in the game.

How to Get Pure Drops of Rain

After reaching max level, each hero and weapon will have different item requirements that need to be met before they can evolve. One item that is one of the most commonly required for evolving cards in Fortnite is a Pure Drop of Rain, which is not necessarily the easiest item to obtain in the game. There are two primary methods of getting Pure Drops of Rain in Fortnite: completing quests that offer them as a reward, and by using the collection book.

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Once players obtain the collection book and have purchased the appropriate skills, they will be free to recycle items and retire heroes. Doing this will earn players XP for their collection book, which will in turn cause their collection book level to increase. Players will receive some Pure Drops of Rain as a reward for reaching certain levels with their collection book, which is one of the best ways of growing one’s supply of the valuable evolution item.

The collection book is useful for obtaining another item that players often need for evolving heroes and weapons in Fortnite, called Lightning in a Bottle. In fact, Lightning in a Bottle can be earned using the exact same methods players use to collect Pure Drops of Rain, so players will need to continue completing quests and leveling their collection book.

How to Get Training Manuals

Training Manuals are the third item that players typically need for evolving things in Fortnite. Like Pure Drops of Rain and Lightning in a Bottle, players can obtain Training Manuals by upgrading their collection book, as they are given out as a reward at certain levels. However, there is a second way Training Manuals can be earned, and it once again involves the collection book.

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The second way players can get Training Manuals in Fortnite is by specifically retiring heroes that have a ranking of rare or higher. Unfortunately, there’s no guaranteed method to obtain rare or higher heroes, as unlocking new heroes in Fortnite is more about luck than anything else. Basically, the only way to earn new heroes in the game is by getting them from loot llama pinatas, and while some llamas guarantee higher-tiered cards, their rewards are mostly random in nature.

Training Manuals, Pure Drops of Rain, and Lightning in a Bottle are three items that players will need the most often when evolving heroes and weapons in Fortnite, but other materials are sometimes needed as well. Luckily, most of the other materials in Fortnite can be found in missions and the game world, so players can scavenge for them instead of having to worry about leveling their collection book.

By collecting the right items and leveling their heroes and weapons to max level, players will be able to evolve their cards in Fortnite to be much more powerful. Evolving cards in Fortnite can sometimes be a lengthy process though, so players will want to make sure they’re investing their time in the game’s best weapon schematics and heroes before they start using all of their resources.

Fortnite is available now in early access on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. The game’s full free-to-play release is scheduled for 2018.