After weeks of wild rumours and speculation, the meteor has finally hit Fortnite‘s map. However, just as a leaker on Reddit predicted, it wasn’t Tilted Towers that was destroyed, but Dusty Depot.

The change comes as part of Fortnite Battle Royale‘s huge update which marks the beginning of Season 4. The update brings a new Battle Pass that offers cosmetic content as players level up through its tiers, a new anti-gravity consumable item, and of course: the inevitable changes to the game’s map.

Upon logging in for the first time after updating, players are shown a short cinematic showing a large meteor finally touching down on the island. The crash site’s exact location isn’t immediately made clear until players drop out of the Battle Bus for the first time, when a huge crater replacing the area Dusty Depot used to be is immediately obvious.

season 4 fortnite map

The crater is now named Dusty Divot, and the shattered remains of one and half of the old Depot’s warehouses can still be found barely standing on its outer rim. In the middle of the crater, an area which looks to be the base of operations for scientific examination of the fallen comet has been erected. This fits the narrative hinted at by the final scene of the cinematic, which seems to show the fallen celestial body emitting some kind of radiation – possibly the source of the powers we’ll see from the new superhero skins.

Dusty Divot isn’t the only change to the map – there is also a brand new area in the North East of the map named Risky Reels. The new map changes are particularly interesting given that the Reddit user who leaked the details of both Season 4’s theme and Dusty Depot’s destruction has now been proven correct on all accounts. This more-than-likely means that his other claim – that Season 4’s map would be constantly evolving – will also prove to be true in the coming weeks.

Whilst Dusty Divot will no doubt be a hot spot on the map as players familiarise themselves with the new setting, it will be interesting to see how (and if) the area will change along with Season 4’s reportedly evolving map. Players may want to make the most of the map as a whole in its current state, given that week two of Season 4 may just transform it once again.

Fortnite Battle Royale is free to play now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Mobile.