Following weeks of speculation, the meteor seen streaking over the map in the Battle Royale portion of Epic Games’ sandbox survival title Fortnite finally came crashing down on Dusty Depot, rendering the site into a giant crater that’s now dubbed Dusty Divot. With the geography of map having been significantly transformed by the comet’s impact, many players have taken to the new area to simply engage in combat, but one squad decided to take an unconventional approach by building a lid that completely covers the top of Dusty Divot.

As seen below in the video by the YouTuber known as Muselk, he and a group of teammates banded together to complete the seemingly impossible task of building over the entirety of Fortnite‘s Dusty Divot, with the squad having faced plenty travails in the process. While the obvious enemies attempting to thwart their progress were competing players and the impending storm, the most frequent hindrance of the task to finish the crater’s cover was in Muselk and his team’s lack of resources. Fortunately, though, their persistence won out in the end, as other squads eventually decided to pitch in with the effort.

Without a doubt, this particular feat accomplished by Muselk and his team is worthy of praise, as the group’s outlandish plot proved that not only are most Fortnite players simply in it for the fun of the game, but also they are quick to contribute to creative endeavors. Another instance of such outside-the-box thinking in the Fortnite community can be found in the recently announced Replay Royale contest winners, who displayed deft editing abilities with the in-game replay system to tell interesting little short stories with the title’s assets.

All things considered, Muselk and his squad’s decision to cover Dusty Divot will likely inspire some copycat attempts by many other Fortnite fans, but hopefully it will get them to start thinking even more imaginatively. Perhaps the next step up from this specific constructive achievement will be to erect an actual structure of some kind. While it would prove to be daunting, should everyone within a match somehow get on the same page and decide to choose it as the primary objective, a recreation of the Great Pyramid would definitely look dandy over Dusty Divot.

Fortnite is available now in early access for iOS, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Muselk – YouTube (via Kotaku)