Fortnite Landmarks are Appearing in the Real World

fortnite real world landmarks

Not too long ago, dimensional rifts began to appear in Fortnite, leading to various theories and speculation about the upcoming changes in season 5. One such theory is the forthcoming destruction of Tomato Town, but for now, it seems the dimensional rift settled for Tomato Town's mascot. Greasy Grove's Durr Burger had also vanished but has recently been rediscovered in the real world.

While Photographer Sela Shiloni was scouting in the Palmdale, California area, he discovered the Durr Burger mascot in the middle of nowhere. Alongside the Fortnite burger, there was a police car and a sign stating, "This site is unstable. Beware of possible effects." While the exact purpose of the mascot has yet to be discovered, it seems pretty clear that this is leading up to Fortnite season 5. As a result, there is some speculation that this could indicate some desert-like changes to the map, whereas others think it's just simple marketing.

Nevertheless, it is some intriguing marketing, as members of the eSports group Doom Clan visited the burger and received a business card from a person at the site. On the back of the card, there's a phone number, which Twitter user A2K K1Lo called. On the other end, the Fortnite gamer heard the sound that plays when an object disappears through a rift in the battle royale game. Check out the Agent #3678's card and audio below:

Adding to the mysterious events, it seems that the subreddit thread on Fortnite that revealed this information was locked by moderators. The reason behind that is unclear, as it is clearly related to the game since these events follow the launch of the missile. Of course, as season 5 draws closer, there may be more developments like this.

After all, Durr Burger isn't the only mascot to disappear, meaning it may not be the only to re-appear in the real world. Since there are only a few days left in season 4, players may see the resolution of the rifts soon, but if nothing else, season 5 is kicking off with a bang.

Fortnite is available now for iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit (via PC Gamer), Sela Shiloni - Twitter

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