Epic Games Reveals Fortnite's Creator Support Program


Since its battle royale mode launched in September of last year, Fortnite has been closely linked to content and streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, and it, along with many content creators, gained much of its popularity because of the association with these platforms.

Owing a considerable amount of Fortnite's popularity to many content creators, it seems that Epic Games feels the need to give back to those who have, in some cases, earned a living off of its game for over a year now. Epic states that the 'Support-A-Creator' event announced earlier today will involve Creators earning money every time supporters buy or earn V-Bucks from the point of next week's update through December 31. Eligible Creators include video makers, streamers, storytellers, artists, cosplayers, musicians, and community builders.

After the event has started, Epic says players will be able to go to the Item Shop in Battle Royale, or the loot tab in Save the World, and select the 'Support a Creator' tab. All the player has to do is enter the Epic tag of the Creator they wish to support, and from then on, as long the player keeps that tag in the dialogue box, the selected Creator will earn money from the player's earned and purchased V-Bucks for the duration of the event. However, the Creator will only remain selected for 14 days, so if a fan wants to continue to support a specific Creator, then they must re-select them after 14 days. Players can shift their support to a different Creator at any time.

Even though Epic Games has only been on the general public's radar for just over a year, its professionalism continues to amaze. The overwhelmingly successful developer has set numerous standards for current and future developers to follow, many of which are unheard of from a successful game developer. Weekly updates, bug fixes, and feedback-inspired improvements are only the beginning. Having added streamer-related elements in Fortnite, given Creators and fans an eSports competition to look forward to every week, and now directly supporting Creators with money that should be its own, the North Carolina-based developer is revolutionizing the gaming industry one enormous step at a time.

Source: Epic Games

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