Fortnite Players Find 'Comet' Under Tilted Towers


While Fortnite Battle Royale continues on into season 3, speculation has been running wild in the community over the existence of a comet appearing in the sky. The community has put forth a lot of theories and research on this topic, with most players believing that Epic Games plans to ultimately level the popular map location called Tilted Towers. Following the release of Update 3.5, the conspiracy theory has only deepened thanks to the discovery a player made.

Using the new replay system that was just added into Fortnite, Reddit user darksmudgey was able to get the camera to fly under the map. While flying near Tilted Towers, a strange, comet-shaped object was discovered. While players continue to debate over whether or not it is the true comet currently hurdling towards Tilted, the map hack also revealed what appears to be land under the city zone, leading many to believe its part of the new area that'll be available once the comet hits. Some community members are convinced the area will become an underground zone with caves and tunnels.

fortnite comet
fortnite under tilted towers map
fortnite under tilted towers

While this evidence seems to be rock solid, some in the community have begun to wonder if the land under Tilted Towers is actually part of the map that existed there prior to the big update which added all of these new locations. It's entirely possible that Epic is planning something for that space, though it's also just as likely that what players found is actually still part of the old map. Either way, Epic has yet to make any comment on any of the current speculation, letting the community work themselves up into a fury.

Based on the amount of research players have invested into this comet debate, it does appear that something is going to happen. Last week, newly researched evidence suggests that the in-game event will likely take place next week on April 18. The theory was created when combining the morse code that players have discoveredreal-lifel life Lyrids Meteor shower event, as well as matching the current Fortnite map to that of Poland. Considering the game typically gets updated on Wednesday, there could be something to this rumor. Then again, as fans have seen, the day could just as easily pass by without anything new happening.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and iOS.

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