Fortnite Reveals Catwoman Skin

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With today being Batman Day, an official celebration of DC's most iconic superhero, there will likely be some Batman-related announcements. For some, their attention is focused on Epic Games and Fortnite, as it was leaked a few days ago and then later officially confirmed that the battle-royale will be hosting a Batman-themed event. An official trailer for said event will be coming later today, but one of the game's new skins has already been leaked ahead of time - Catwoman.

The leak came from @Yanteh, who goes by the handle French Fortnite Leaker. It doesn't seem to resemble any specific iteration of the character, but anyone can tell by looking at it that it's meant to be Catwoman. Yanteh would later leak what looks like a snippet from the announcement trailer, which unsurprisingly seems to confirm that a skin of Batman will also be available as well.

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Fan reactions to the Catwoman skin have been mixed. A cursory glance on Twitter shows a lot of people are less than thrilled with it, reacting with comments of "Bad" and "Eww." However, there are plenty of fans that are perfectly pleased with it and can't wait to get it for themselves. Considering the popularity of the character, the skin will no doubt make its money and then some. On the subject of skins, it's still believed that the game will be receiving an Area 51 skin to tie-in with the recent Area 51 Raid, though there is apparently no sign of it despite the "raid" having recently ended.

With any luck, Fortnite players will be pleased with the Batman event once it launches. Recently, they suffered a slight disappointment when a rumored event to tie-in with the the movie It Chapter 2 wound up not happening, though it's unknown whether it was cancelled or was ever going to be a thing to begin with.

As for the Dark Knight himself, there is still no official word on his next big video game title, which has been a source of rumors and fake leaks for years now. At the moment, the main theory is that it will have something to do with the Court of Owls, a popular storyline from the comics that featured the titular court - a shadowy organization that has existed since the founding of Gotham City.

Fortnite is available right now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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