Fortnite Fans Spot a Mysterious Castle Inside Rifts

Fortnite rifts mysterious castle

All season long, Fortnite's map has been spawning some very weird changes. Just a couple of weeks ago, fans noticed that the mystery cube (which some have dubbed "Kevin") had begun to display cracks, while all of the runes on the map began to drift towards the floating island. Players have also spotted several "Rifts" that look like shards of another world colliding with the game's map.

Fortnite players have been keeping a close eye on these odd goings-on. After players investigated the Rifts found under the bunker at Wailing Woods, they discovered that by lining them up and looking through them at the right angle, they could see a mysterious castle. The castle appears to feature multiple towers, with points at the top as well as an arched gateway. It looks like something out of a fantasy film, such as Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings.

That's not all though, as played as have also pointed out that the castle seems to be covered in a layer of snow. By looking to the left of the castle's main entrance, viewers will spot that these smaller buildings seem to be smothered in snow as well. This has led some fans to suggest that the Rifts are hinting at a new, holiday-themed look for the Fortnite map. Judging from the size of the castle, it could potentially be more substantial than the map changes introduced for the Lunar New Year celebration and similar holidays.

Few would be surprised if Epic did unveil a much colder-looking map to celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving. The developer is known for going all out to celebrate holidays. For instance, just look at Fortnitemares 2018. During this event, Epic unleashed AI-controlled monsters and limited-time content to celebrate Halloween.

Moreover, Epic celebrated Christmas 2017 in a big way. The game dotted Christmas trees across the map and introduced new skins, including ugly sweaters, a Santa hat, a full elf costume, and even a skin that allowed characters to look just like the Nutcracker. Fortnite has grown considerably since last year, because its battle royale mode was only just building up in winter 2017. That means that Epic has a lot more license to go all out. But whether that means a temporary map overhaul or a new season that's entirely focused on Christmas is unclear.

Fortnite is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS device.

Source: Reddit (via PCGamesN)

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