With the second season of Fortnite coming to an end soon, Epic Games has recently revealed the game’s season 3 Battle Pass. But that’s not the only new thing coming to the popular co-op sandbox survival game. The latest update (v.3.0.0) provides ways for gamers “to both be in the heat of battle and still craft that clutch set of stairs!”

“Turbo Building” is one of these new features, which is toggled in the game options. It allows players “to hold down the primary fire and continuously place the selected building piece.”  This new feature in Fortnite will be useful, especially for defensive purposes or continuously building ramps while sprinting up one.

Another feature introduced is “Automatic Material Swapping.” Once again, it is toggled in the game options, but this feature will make the game switch to another material once current supplies are gone. Moreover, the newest update will allow players to build through structures, such as trees, rocks, or vehicles. It is noteworthy, however, that structures still need to be supported, so a sky ramp will still fall if its connection to the ground below is destroyed. Check out this update in action below:

This latest update also improves the player’s ability to switch building pieces. Previously, cycling building pieces required a round trip to Fortnite’s servers, but Epic Games changed the network code and undid this requirement. As of right now, this improvement is only available in Battle Royale, but Epic Games is going to bring it to Save The World eventually. Epic Games also recently revealed that it will be nerfing the double pump shotgun problem.

With all of these improvements, Fortnite continues to prove why it’s a popular game, as such quality of life improvements expand the title’s playability. Considering the recent rumors that Fortnite could be coming to the Nintendo Switch, it seems that Fortnite will be around for quite some time. As long as improvements continue to come to the game, it may very well be a polished product by the time it leaves early access.

Fortnite is currently available in early access for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Epic Games