Fortnite Borderlands Crossover Includes Psycho Bandit Skin, Claptrap Bling

The ever-popular Fortnite has featured plenty of high profile crossover events over the past 10 seasons of its Battle Royale mode. Players were able to experience what it was like to be Thanos during the Avengers event, purchase NFL uniforms for their characters, and even participate in a concert featuring the music artist Marshmello. Epic Games isn't stopping there, however, as the studio is teasing the next major crossover event which should appeal to Vault Hunters all over.

In the latest patch notes for Fortnite, the newest limited-time event called Fortnite X Mayhem was announced as a crossover event with Gearbox Software's Borderlands franchise. According to the trailer, a new rift zone, aptly named Pandora Rift Zone, has appeared in the desert region of Paradise Palms. Upon crossing into the rift, the game takes on a more Borderlands style look, with the heavy cel-shaded/comic book black lines. Along with the look of Borderlands, players how are able to go without taking damage inside of this zone for a certain amount of time will begin to generate shields.

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In addition to the gameplay update, this crossover even also brings with it new loot and gear to obtain. Players can purchase a Psycho Bandit bundle, which turns characters into the iconic figure from the Borderlands series, as well as putting a ClapTrap unit on the player's back. A challenge bundle is also available with tasks like eliminating other players in Pandora, collecting coins, find different vault symbols, and more. For completing these challenges, players can get their hands on rewards like the Mayhem Wrap, Vault Hunter Banner, Psycho Spray, and Crunk Bunny Spray.

For players who enjoy building their own custom games, Epic has also added new Pandora inspired Prefabs in Fortnite Creative. Utilize the new Borderlands filter to make custom games feel more like the iconic looter shooter series and by using the #FortniteXMayhem tag, Epic Games could even feature it inside of The Block.

While this crossover will no doubt make plenty of fans happy, some are still a bit upset over the controversial BRUTE Mech vehicles that were added this season. In one of the more higher-profile acts, one streamer rage quit a tournament after being eliminated by another player in one. While some continue to call for the mech to be removed, Epic has since nerfed the vehicle but seems to have no intention to completely remove it from the game.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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