Fortnite developer Epic Games has temporarily removed the Boogie Bomb from the Battle Royale inventory in order to fix a glitch that appeared a few days ago. With a Boogie Bomb equipped, players could carry unlimited weapons and Epic saw this as big enough of a problem to disable the item and work on a fix.

Earlier this week, players on the Fortnite subreddit noted a glitch with the Boogie Bomb that allowed them to carry unlimited weapons. Essentially, a player could slot additional weapons “behind” their equipped ones, and dropping any of those weapons would bring the stored weapon to the front.

Admittedly, this glitch was not going to be too useful, except it allowed players to store additional healing items beyond the 5-item inventory limit. Still, it required a little bit of setup and in the heat of battle, dropping weapons and trying to find the right item isn’t the best strategy. But it’s also possible that players had yet to find the most exploitative way to use the glitch and Epic Games didn’t want to find out what that might be.

There is currently no word on when the Boogie Bomb might return to Fortnite’s loot table, but it shouldn’t be too long before Epic Games has a fix. That being said, it might be nice to see the Boogie Bomb out of the rotation so that players can try out new throwable items like the explosive charge and the impulse grenade.

While Epic Games has been releasing new updates and patches for Fortnite at a regular clip (once per week), it’s even more impressive that the developer is so quick to make a change if an exploit or glitch is found. As Fortnite increases in popularity, it would be easy to sit back and watch the game’s profile rise, but Epic appears more connected to its community than the average developer. The studio is also nimble enough to make a change should anything troublesome arise.

Speaking of Fortnite’s popularity, it seems that the game only continues to generate attention, with the game breaking Twitch records after Ninja played with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith Schuster. It seems anyone and everyone is willing to name-drop Fortnite just to generate a little buzz, and by and large it is working in Epic Games’ favor.

Fortnite Battle Royale is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.