The 5 Best Items Sets In Fortnite (And The 5 Worst)

Whether you're new to Fortnite or a seasoned veteran, we can all agree that one of the best things about the game is the wide range of cool items you can buy from the store. Some can even be unlocked once you've purchased the seasonal Battle Pass. But if you're not about that lifestyle you'll be happy to know most skins and items rotate in Fortnite's shop on a daily basis.

If you're a little lost on what to get and understandably feel a bit overwhelmed by the amount of bling in the shop, we've got a handy little list of five skins any die-hard fan of the game should watch out for - and five skins you're better off not wasting your V-Bucks on.

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10 Best: Drift Set

If we're talking about the most iconic skins in the game, the Drifter skin definitely comes to mind almost immediately.

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It's no secret that Fortnite loves making references to Japanese culture and anime, and the fans are completely onboard with this trend. It's then no wonder why this set is so popular and highly coveted, not only because of the references to Japanese popular culture but also due to its bright vibrant colors and details. One of the coolest touches is the weapon skin that perfectly fits the vibe of the skin.

9 Worst: Hot Air Set

If you were ever curious about what the worst set of items in Fortnite is, you've come to the right place. The Hot Air set gives us two skins that imitate those twisty, wildly moving plastic dolls hanging outside of restaurants, and a harvester that looks just as random as the skins themselves.

While Fortnite is definitely known for making funny, quirky and random cosmetics to sell its brand, this set is more of a flop and less of a chuckle. Flimsie Fail.

8 Best: Lightning & Thunderstorms Set

Many of Fortnite's skins are mere modifications of its default skins, with a few extra details to spice them up. This isn't always such a bad thing, as proven by the Lightning & Thunderstorms set, which includes a female skin with glowing glyphs. These same markings are also found in the glider of the set.

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What's really cool and special about this set is the harvester, which is inspired by a previous Fortnite harvesting tool but now has a dark and mystical appearance to it. This is definitely a modification gone right.

7 Worst: Biker Brigade Set

When it comes to skins that aren't that exciting, it usually comes down to how simple and predictable the skin is. Some themes are naturally more boring than others, which is probably the case with the Biker Brigade set.

Not only are the skins modified from default skins with a few exceptions to details, but they're also just unimpressive and a bit boring in style and appearance. The designs on the skins and items are also too simple, making them a hard pass for us.

6 Best: Nevermore Set

Fortnite is constantly coming up with brand new skins to wow its fans, but sometimes the old stuff just happens to be the best stuff.

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Another iconic set is the Nevermore set, which turns the player into a crow-like dark hero of sorts, with mysterious glowing eyes. This set is without a doubt one of the best-known skins of the game, and among the most popular Halloween costumes for those who are passionate about the game, and for a reason: it has aged incredibly well and still looks badass in the game.

5 Worst: Solid Steel Set

Many of Fortnite's less liked sets usually start off as good ideas but then something falls short in execution. The Solid Steel set gives us two robotic skins and a military-inspired harvester and glider.

We get the idea here: terminator robots. However, the metallic skin looks a bit off on the skins themselves, and the odd combination of yellow and green just doesn't look great. With the skins falling short, there's no real incentive to invest in the harvester or glider either.

4 Best: Star Walker Set

Fortnite's designers are always trying to push the limits with what they can achieve with their skins, and the Starwalker set is a great example of what great design can do.

The skin included is translucent and glowy, similar to the rifts which you can find in the game to traverse across the map quickly. It also comes with a beautiful shimmering backpack and a harvester, all imitating that glowy rift-like appearance. For maximum enjoyment, we recommend cranking up your graphic settings for this one.

3 Worst: Spandex Squad Set

Not all bad sets are simple modifications of the default items and cosmetics. Sometimes a truly different skin just fails to make the fans excited, and that's the case with the Spandex Squad set.

There's a lot of good here, from bright colors to a cute glider and the weight harvester. Perhaps the issue here is that it fails to attract the target audience of the game, which is mostly young gamers with no interest in 80s music or fashion. A cool set, granted, but a big flop for the game's major audience.

2 Best: Broken Light & Interstellar Sets

Still continuing in the vein of glittering, ethereal skins that will blow your mind with their intricate details, these two sets that came out side by side are just breathtaking.

The glow and mist effects are truly stunning, and with everything you can get in these sets from a weapon skin to glide, harvester and even a backpack, it just makes it worth it. It's rare to see two sets where the skins for both genders are equally cool, which is why these two are probably among the most popular.

1 Worst: Overclocked Set

When going through Fortnite's shop, it might sometimes feel like some of the designs on items and skins are just a little bit lazy. Many of them don't differ from the default skins that much, and this is understandable since the developers want to crank out as much content as often as possible to keep the game fresh.

This is why we have sets like Overclocked, which are unremarkable and frankly quite boring. Nothing more than a recolor and modification of the default skins, the idea behind the set isn't really driven home.

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