Since officially launching last October, the free Battle Royale mode for Fortnite has continued to be a dominant force in the gaming industry. Though the runaway success has caused other projects to shut down at the studio, such as Paragon, Epic continues to evolve Fortnite so it continues to appeal to players. Last month, Season 3 arrived for the popular PvP mode and in addition to the new Battle Pass, a number of new features were added.

For this season, Epic has added 30 additional tiers to bring the total count to 100 and stockpiled it with all sorts of new goodies from skins, gliders, pickaxes and new loot like back blings, skydiving effects, and loading screen wallpaper. In addition, the Fortnite Battle Royale challenge system has been completely overhauled, so not only do players still get the standard three daily challenges, but a new group of seven is unlocked each week. Stars and XP can be earned by completing them as well, and better yet, they’re not on a weekly timer and remain available until finished once unlocked.


To get a jump start on the competition and to quickly increase battle pass rank, here’s the complete guide to all Week 2 challenges.

Use a Launchpad (5 Battle Stars)

A simple as it sounds. The toughest part of this challenge is locating the tool, which is commonly dropped from chests during a match. Once obtained, it needs to be placed on a crafted floor, so build a tower, or find a spot to place a wood/stone/brick floor and then place it down like it was a trap. Then jump on it to complete the challenge.

Deal damage with Assault Rifles to opponents (5 Battle Stars)

For many veteran players, this challenge will be a breeze. Simply deal 1000 points of damage to enemies in any of the available modes. The limited time Solid Gold match type is also a great place to finish this challenge as most weapons that are found are mainly either pistols or assault rifles.

Search chests in Wailing Woods (5 Battle Stars)

Compared to some of the other locations on the map, Wailing Woods isn’t a spot that typically has a good selection of loot to pick from. The zone is found on the right side of the map, known for having a hedge maze and single wooden structure right in the middle of the forest. This challenge will likely need to be completed over the course of a few matches.

Dance in different forbidden locations (5 Battle Stars)

It seems as though each week is going to feature one or two challenges that are fairly vague and this is the first for week 2. The map contains a bunch of locations that feature a no dancing sign. To complete this objective, players only need to find and dance in five of them. Keep in mind that there isn’t a set amount of time that players need to dance for either. It can be as quick as a second or as long as players want. Here are many of the locations to keep an eye out for:

Tilted Towers – While avoiding other players, find this sign on a grass patch near the taco shop.

Pleasant Park – To the west of here, find the sign on top of the mountain.

Junk Junction – Look for the metal llama as the sign is inside.

Flush Factory – Look for the sign next to the toilet statue

Fatal Fields – Head towards the pond to find the sign on the dock.

Retail Row – This sign is found in the parking lot.

Moisty Mire – Find this sign on a podium near the racetrack.

North East of Tomato Town – An abandoned RV has this sign.

Between Retail Row and Tomato Town – Where all of the containers are located, this sign is found at the eastern entrance.

fortnite weekly challenges

(Hard) Search between a Pool, Windmill and an Umbrella (10 Battle Stars)

The second vague challenge for this week is another treasure hunting objective similar to Week 1’s Dusty Depot map. For this challenge, players don’t actually have a specific map to follow or specifically have any indication of what to look for. Like last week, the point of interest is another tree on top of the hill which can be found at a location where the three clues intersect. Players should start their search in the north by Anarchy Acres.

Pool – Find the pool at the abandoned motel. Find it in quadrant D2.

Windmill – The windmill is on the left side of Anarchy Acres in quadrant E2.

Umbrella – This one is actually a mining cave shaped like an umbrella that can be found in quadrant E3.

The connecting point for all three of these locations (and the tree that players need to find the token) is actually found to the west of Anarchy Acres in the bottom left side of quadrant E2.

(Hard) SMG Eliminations (10 Battle Stars)

Though listed as a hard challenge, this one should be too bad. Simply take out three enemies with an SMG.

(Hard) Eliminate opponents in Greasy Grove (10 Battle Stars)

Head to Greasy Grove and eliminate 3 enemies to finish off this challenge. This zone can be found towards the left side of the map and it features plenty of cover and buildings for players to hide behind. Combine this with the SMG eliminations to get both done at the same time. Win-win!

Fortnite is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.