How to Get Battle Breakers Razor Skin in Fortnite

Battle Breakers Razor Skin in Fortnite

Fortnite, the Golden Joystick esports winner for 2019, has a brand new skin for the Save the World mode that's free and pretty easy to get. The skin is a Battle Breakers skin, making players look like the main character from the Battle Breakers game. But if Fortnite players want this skin for their own, they'll need to pick up their phones first.

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What is Battle Breakers?

Battle Breakers is a free-to-play mobile game for Android and iOS. It's a game by Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, among numerous accomplishments. This fantasy RPG features a peaceful world that is torn to pieces by an alien invasion. Players must build a team of heroes to save the world from the invasion.

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To promote this new game in the Epic lineup, Fortnite is offering a free skin for those who play Battle Breakers. It will give players something to do while they wait for Season 1 to end, which has been extended all the way until February.

How to Get Razor Skin

Fortnite has some of the most desirable collectibles in gaming history according to their fans. There was a lot of fans upset that they didn't get early access to the Merry Minty Pickaxe that was a Gamestop exclusive. So any collectible that players can get for free is a great deal. Luckily for players, getting the Battle Breakers skin is easy and free too.

Battle Breakers Heroes Play to Level 20

To get the skin, players need to download the game Battle Breakers onto their phones. Then they'll have to play the Save the World mode and reach level 20. As long as players are logged into the same Epic store account as their Fortnite account is, they'll instantly receive their brand new Battle Breakers skin.

It looks like players can expect more crossover events with Fortnite and Battle Breakers in the future, according to some data miners. Hopefully, this means more skins and other Battle Breakers items will show up in Fortnite, and maybe even vise versa.

Fortnite is for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Android, Xbox One, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Macintosh. Battle Breakers is for Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Source: Fortnite Intel

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