Fortnite Batman Crossover Event Leaked

fortnite batman loading screen leak

September 21 is Batman Day, the official celebration of DC Comics' most popular superhero. And this year it Fortnite may be taking part in the celebration. Datamined files from for the latest version of Fornite's battle royale mode show a variety of Batman-related concent. It's enough to imply a full-scale Batman event in Fortnite, as opposed to just a skin partnership. The scale of the event may still be unclear, but at the very least Fortnite players can trust they'll have the opportunity to live out their Batman fantasy in-game.

Prominent Fortnite dataminer Lucas7yoshi is the main source of these recent Fortnite leaks. The dataminer posted images of several Fortnite in-game files tied to the speculated Batman event. These leaked files include a huge variety of Batman content for Fortnite, like cosmetic rewards in the form of a glider, a spray, a banner icon, and an emote. Lucas7yoshi also says that there's "99% a female skin for the set," but doesn't provide clear evidence of any skins.

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As for gameplay, there are two big additions for the Batman event. There's an Explosive Batarang that homes in on players or can stick on walls that will then explode if a players comes into proximity. Batman's Grapnel Gun is the second item, which pulls the player toward a location and deploys the "Bat Cape." While Lucas7yoshi predicts these items could be an LTM, a Borderlands-style crossover invasion seems more likely. Further leaks imply an Apex-style town takeover, replete with a Rift Beacon being placed in Tilted Town. While it has yet to be confirmed, the leaked files seem to indicate that Gotham is coming to Fortnite with Batarangs and Grapnel Gun mythic drops.

In addition to the items and mini-map, a Welcome to Gotham City challenge track has also been leaked. Challenges include lighting up Bat Signals, defusing Joker gas canisters, and using the two Batman tools. Rewards include Batman sprays and the loading screen, with the final reward for completing all challenges being the Batman glider.

September 21 is Batman Day, which makes for a perfect opportunity to either announce or launch Fortnite's leaked event. That said, Epic may end up just waiting until next week's reset to start the event. Either way, given how many files are already available in-game, the event is certain to be starting soon. While there's always a chance plans could be canceled at the last second, Fortnite players can still comfortably get excited about the battle royale's next big crossover event.

Fortnite is available now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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Source: Lucas7yoshi

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