Fortnite: How to Avoid Fall Damage

fortnite how to avoid fall damage

The Fortnite Chapter 2 update has brought with it a number of major changes to the battle royale game. The biggest and most obvious change is the new battle royale map that Fortnite players can now explore, complete with its own quirks and secrets to discover. Something that Fortnite players have figured out is that this new battle royale map actually has a way that players can avoid taking fall damage, though it will only work in certain sections of the map.

With the Fortnite Chapter 2 update, fans of Epic's battle royale game will note that there are now large green bushes strewn throughout the map. As it so happens, players can safely land on these bushes from any height and they won't take any damage. While this trick may not be of use all the time, it could help players make a quick escape or get away from the storm when they need to, so it's not completely useless.

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It's unclear at this point if this way to avoid fall damage in Fortnite is in the game purposefully or if it's a glitch. If it's a glitch, then Fortnite players can expect Epic Games to remove it in future patches. Fortnite updates typically release on Tuesdays, so it's possible that this trick to avoid Fortnite fall damage will become obsolete in just a couple days time.

Of course, the next Fortnite update will likely bring with it some other changes as well. It's possible that some of the vaulted Fortnite weapons that Epic did away with will be making a comeback. It's also possible that some of the vehicles or other items that were vaulted with the Chapter 2 update will be added back to the game as well. Alternatively, Epic may add brand new content to Fortnite with this week's update, though that remains to be seen.

One thing that's for certain is that this coming Thursday will feature the next set of Fortnite challenges for players to complete so that they can advance through the battle pass and unlock as much new content as possible. Fortnite Chapter 2's leveling system actually makes progressing through the battle pass quicker than ever before, so those who play the battle royale game regularly should have no problem unlocking everything.

Fortnite is out now for iOS, Android, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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