Fortnite: The 10 Best Areas In The Game, Ranked

This might sound crazy, but a victory royale can already be decided while you're on the battle bus. As you choose where to land either solo or with your team, you pick your odds against everyone else. The winning conditions are simple enough, all things made equal: the person with the best gear and the most materials is more likely to survive the longest. Landing in a location that provides both of these and which isn't super crowded or difficult to rotate from to other areas is therefore a key requirement for any seasoned Fortnite player.

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If you'd like to get a few victory royales under your belt, try these 10 best locations in Fortnite guaranteed to yield good results.

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10 Lonely Lodge

One of the more underappreciated locations in Fortnite, Lonely Lodge is actually a fairly good location depending on where the bus is going through. The area is somewhat big with tons of small houses and areas that can yield average loot, so even if you notice other people dropping with you you'll most likely be able to find a quiet spot to gather yourself before confronting them.

Rotation from here isn't the easiest, but since the lodge is in a forest there'll be tons of materials available for harvesting, which can help you early on in the game.

9 Happy Hamlet

Another far away location, Happy Hamlet, is a small snowy town located in the winter biome of the island. It's uncommon to see many people rush to this area, since it's so isolated, but given the size of it it's definitely an excellent spot to land in. You've got tons of houses to loot for chests and floor spawns, and for materials, you have plenty of wood and stone available all around you.

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Moreover, the area provides tons of cover for early game fights, so even if you do find yourself dropping with other people, you can easily juke them out or hide until you're ready to fight.

8 Dusty Depot

Don't let the humble appearance of these storage units fool you. Dusty Depot is a great staple area in the game, and often underappreciated. The three units are stock full of materials like wood, with a few chests and decent spawns on the floor. You also get a bit of high ground and can see most of the surrounding area, and since this is pretty much at the center of the map you'll probably see people rotating through here.

Not to mention, there's a factory area nearby, so once you finish looting Dusty you can rotate there easily and carry on with your path.

7 Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills has remained mostly the same throughout the seasons, but what has made it better in recent seasons are the changes in its surrounding areas. It's a remote location, which prevents it from being a hotspot, and has pretty decent loot and a few chests.

The threes around and the stone buildings are also great materials. The best place to land in however is the elevated portion of Haunted Hills located on top of a cliff. This vantage point gives you sights on both the lower half of the area, The Block and Junk Junction, both of which you should rotate to after you're done here.

6 The Meteor

In case you had no idea: yes, you can land on the meteor that floats above the island. This is a very special place to land in, because of the natural high ground advantage you have compared to the rest of the people. Not to mention, you have natural jump boost while on the meteor and the loot is usually at least semi-decent.

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Because it floats above the map, you have great visual on everything below you and can wait to see where the first circle of storm will form. This will save you tons of time rotating.

5 Pressure Plant

Considered one of the busiest spots in the current Fortnite season and meta since Tilted Towers has gone through a crazy overhaul, Pressure Plant is a pretty amazing spot to land if you're looking for good loot and tons of high-end materials. There's plenty of metal around and since you'll most likely be on high ground compared to the rest of the map when you leave, you can easily see around you and pick your next rotation point.

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Speaking of rotations, it has a few good options around, like Lazy Lagoon and Lonely Lodge.

4 The Block

The Block was one of the quirkiest ideas Epic Games decided to implement in its game. This is an area that changes on a weekly basis, and has something new to offer every time. Because of this, The Block can be kind of a wild card and you'll never know exactly what to expect.

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However, this can also work to your advantage, since other people won't know the terrain that well either. You can rotate to pretty nice areas from here too, like Lazy Lagoon, Pleasant Park and Loot Lake. When in doubt, give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.

3 Loot Lake

Raise your hand if you remember those days when Loot Lake was as empty as a ghost town. Nowadays, it's one of the biggest hotspots on the map due to being at the center and having a massive permanent rift in the middle. Finding a rift is always incredibly useful, and the fact that this one is always open in Loot Lake makes it super easy to make rotations to the four corners of the map.

Not just that, you have a few different buildings to loot around the lake itself, making it a pretty sweet landing or rotation spot.

2 Lazy Lagoon

Lazy Lagoon might not seem that big, at least when compared to Happy Hamlet. Plus, it's pretty close to the center of the map, making it a fairly busy location. However, it's a worthy place to visit simply because it checks all the boxes for a good location. The ship, the town, and the surrounding forest provides tons of materials, and there's also a fair share of loot on board the ship for those who are not afraid of early game skirmishes.

On top of that, it's really easy to drop by here, loot and then rotate to Loot Lake to get in the rift if you need to make a big trip across the map.

1 Pandora

In celebration of Borderlands 3 coming out, Pandora dropped into Fortnite as a special area of the map. This place is truly exceptional because it will generate your shields for free so long as you take no damage. That alone is just an insane perk, and anyone who says no to free shields is crazy.

That being said, get ready to fight for loot in this area, because everyone else will also be after that sweet, sweet shield perk. If you know you can handle your own in a tight spot, there's no reason not to drop to Pandora immediately, get your shields, kill of anyone on your way and carry yourself to a victory royale.

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