Former Burnout Devs Creating ‘Spiritual Successor’

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Three former Burnout developers that left Criterion Games within the last two years have finally revealed what their first two projects will be, and unsurprisingly one of them will be a racing game in the same vein as the original Burnout titles. The three founding members, Alex Ward, Fiona Sperry and Paul Ross, pooled up their savings and founded the studio in February 2014, and quickly went on to hire other former Burnout developers like Chris Roberts, Paul Philpott, and many more.

With such a racing-centric staff, it’s no surprise that Three Fields Entertainment announced that they had a crash-filled racing game in the works, though it’ll be some time before the studio can make more progress on its development.

The announcement comes just a few days after Criterion Games confirmed they weren’t making a Burnout HD collection for current-generation consoles, which means the timing of Three Field’s announcement likely isn’t a coincidence. With everyone clamoring for a new Burnout experience, it’s clear the market is there – though the studio has yet to show anything of their production to the public.

The game is evidently in the earliest possible development stage, as the studio’s official Twitter account was teasing that they weren’t sure which Burnout title they wanted to make a spiritual successor for. The only thing they were very committed to is that the eventual game will involve crashing – and lots of it. They’re keen to use the hashtag #ShinyRedSomething, a reference to the code name of the original Burnout title when it was under development.

It’s been seven years since the last Burnout title graced shelves as a new release, and plenty of fans are clamoring for takedowns and crashes. While the idea of a Burnout-esque release is ripe with appeal, there’s a long way to go before we will see what the game from Three Fields Entertainment. The studio confirmed that an open world game is out of the question due to the size of their team, which currently has 9 people (and a dog) listed on their website.

Before the driving game can be created, however, Three Fields Entertainment must finish their inaugural project, a multiplayer sports game that is reportedly a fast-paced experience that heavily involves social multiplayer, perhaps like iDarb. The studio plans to keep the game under wraps until it’s almost complete, so interested gamers won’t be able to find out much about it until closer to spring 2016. After that, the road is clear for a Burnout spiritual successor, albeit from a much smaller studio.

Though the size of the team is small, the quality of their staff brings for an optimistic view of what the studio can do. Fiona Sperry was the Studio Director for Criterion Games for 13 years, meaning she was at the helm of the entire Burnout series. Ward himself helped Sperry form Criterion Games when it was sprouted from Criterion Software 15 years ago, and took on a creative director role ever since.

There’s plenty of industry experience to go around, and it goes without saying that Three Fields Entertainment now has a large audience for their games, which is a great feat for a studio which hasn’t shown any yet.

Source: GamesRadar