Forbes Envisions Apple's Rise and Microsoft/Sony Decline in Gaming

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2011 is a year full of predictions and assumptions in the technology sector. Whether it's the possibility of Apple adding their beloved handset to Verizon, awaited announcements of the next big HD gaming console or the death of physical media, the future still holds the truth of every prediction.Forbes has laid out their ten-year gaming predictions, one of which could be a bit of a stretch and might even brandish the word 'bold'. Contributing writer for Forbes, Paul Tassi, shared his predictions, including his vision on the future of gaming's front-runners.

I think Sony and/or Xbox might face declines over the next decade, opening the door for another console manufacturer to get in on the action. My guess would be Apple, who has been quite successful with mobile gaming, so they might try some sort of home console system of their own.

Although the prediction does come off a bit bold, Tessi does joke about his vision and how it would do should it come to fruition:

As for its success? Not sure how a controller with one button would compete. Ha.

Joking or not, it does seem a little far fetched for the near future. Sure, gaming on iOS has been on a huge increase, but the quality and innovation still holds quite a bit of room for potential. Not that the iOS is incapable, but the only stand-outs in terms of graphics and pushing the envelope of the iOS thus far are Infinity Blade and Rage. Both games do, however, prove that potential exists in Apple's gaming technology, and the company is growing in terms of their gaming capabilities (read: Steam on OSX, Intel graphics, etc).

It's not completely unlikely that Apple could develop their own branded gaming console, but they are still early in their gaming experiment and it would have to be on a brand new device, built with gaming as its intention, to rival today's favored HD consoles. Apple usually allows new technology resonate until they envision how to perfect it in their own brand appropriate manner.

Before an Apple gaming console, it's likely we will see the AirPlay integration paired up with gaming. Right now you can share video, audio and photos from your iOS device to your Apple TV using AirPlay. That said, the technology shouldn't be far off from being able to project your iOS games onto your HDTV and using the device as a controller. There is already evidence of games, like The Incident, manipulating the tech to produce similar results.


Would you be interested in an Apple gaming console? What are your predictions for the new year and beyond? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Forbes

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